A Historical Trail From Lidongshan Trail to Tapung Fort

Lidongshan is one of Taiwan’s 100 peaks, located between Fuxing District in Taoyuan and Jianshi Township in Hsinchu. In front of the trailhead, there’s Lidong Lodge which attracts travelers from all around the world.Long ago, Japanese built the fort at the sea level of 1,914 meters in order to control the aboriginal people. The trail is original with only a little bit artificial construction.

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Known for its nearly-collapsed appearance, build by iron sheets, wood sticks and traditional windows. It looks exactly like history remains but in a beautiful shape. Some people call it Taiwan’s ”Howl’s Moving Castle”. There’s an interesting sign on the front door wrote by former owner Mr.Zhu that said ” cleaning fee 20 dollars for everyone” ”is anyone there?”.

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Mr.Zhu had lived in the mountain of Lidong for more than 50 years, he told travelers that Lidong Lodge used to be a guesthouse for the hikers over here. Because of the age, Mr.Zhu required to cease working and transited the guesthouse into resting stop for hikers.

photo credit: ig@tsaiatsai

Looking at the walls and gate of Lidongshan Fort remind hikers and travelers of the hard-fought battles that took place in here. The Atayal tribes made their last stands against Japanese rule on this mountain.
The distance from Lidong Mountain to Lidong old castle is about 1.5 kilometers long and 400 meters uphill. The red line on the google map is the easier but farther route, whereas the blue line is more steep but closer route.


photo credit: ig@tsaiatsai

The main gate of Lidongshan fort embraces the architecture style of baroque. Although it is a military base, it still has its own beauty in it. Now the gate becomes hotspot for instagrammers to take pictures, leaving the footprints of their visit.

photo credit : ig@cokid_chen

photo credit: ig@ren_yi_21

Traffic Information

No.29, 8th Neighborhood, Jianshih Township, Hsinchu County 313, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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