A Journey To Escape Urban Life: Bulau Bulau Aboriginal Village

Have you ever try to set off on a journey to escape the hassle of the city? The Bulau Bulau Aboriginal Village in Yilan is the perfect place to connect with the natural environment. Slowly ”talking” to and maintaining balance with the nature environment are the concepts passed on among the Atayal people here. Nestled in mountain terrain, the Atayal people considered the mountain as the ”altar” of their motherland, which they treated with sheer respect and admiration. 

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Learning a language is the first step in learning their culture, the word ”Bulau Bulau” in atayal language acutally means ”wander” in English, It implies the leisure lifestyle of Atayal people, from the food they eat, the dress they wore, the tattoo on their face and their traditional cultural festival. You can book a one day tour on their official website.

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One Day Trip In Bulau Bulau Village

Atayal Ecology

Because of the location of the village is remote far from civilization, travelers usually drive to Han-Hsi suspension bridge in Han-Hsi village,Lo-Tong, then take to shuttle jeep to the village. Regardless of the inconvenience, thousands of people visit Bulau Bulau Village. Along the way, you can see the Hanxidiao bridge, the Atayal tourist guide will show you how they set up their prey and their hunting skills.

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Self-Sufficient Lifestyle

The landform of the Bulau Bulau village is feasible for cultivation, wine making and raise poultry, the Atayal people attracts travelers who are fascinated by the way they grow and produce their produce, which they sell in their restaurant. The traditional Atayal natural fermentation process gives the drink a sweet, sour but smooth taste.

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Going into their small hostel, uses traditional Atayal architecture, using local building materials like stones and bamboos, serves their traditional dishes, which offers a more authentic experience than the commercial hotels. Moreover, the building materials that they use makes the place adaptable for every season.

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Traditional Atayal Weaving

In the past, Atayal weaving was used mainly in clothing, Now the weavers focused on reproducing traditional dress, which helps them promoting their own culture and also pass on to their offspring. their weaving skills are extraordinary and difficult to learn, as design of the pattern requires precise calculations. A simple miscalculation will mess up the entire process very easily.

A visit to Bulau Bulau is not just a ordinary trip, it’s an opportunity to conserve their culture and to experience life in the mountains. More importantly, learn how to look at the world and themselves with a humble heart and a whole new perspective.


267, Yilan County, Datong Township
【Phone Number】
【Day tour】
Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 4:30pm reservation only 
>> 不老部落
2,800NTD per person

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