There are more attractions except for Baishawan! How to go to Jinshan Old Street?

”Jinbaoli Old Street”(Jinshan Old Street) was a commercial street back in the Qing Dynasty. With three hundred years of history, the street is always crowded during the weekend to nowadays. Local delicacies like Deep-Fried Pork Loin, Fried Oyster, Taro cake and Sweet potato attracts thousands of travelers from around the country every day.

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Jinshan Old Streetphoto credit: ig@ziv1992

金山鴨肉店 is located in front of the Guangan temple, The stall is known for selling the best duck meat in Northern Taiwan, it is also the most popular food stall here. 

Jinshan Old Streetphoto credit: ig@__ieat__

Traffic Information

【Public Transportation】
1.Take the 716 Grown Northern Coast Shuttle Bus, exit at ”Jinshan District Office” station.

Jinshan Old Street

2. Take the Bus 862 to Jinshan District Office Station.
Jinshan Old Street

3. Take The Bus 1717 To ”Jinshan District Office” station.

Jinshan Old Street

4. Take The Bus 1815 To ”Jinshan District Office” station.

Jinshan Old Street

1. NT$15 per adult per section.
2. For the Crown Northerm Coast Shuttle Bus service, a one-day pass can be purchased with cash upon boarding for NT$160 per person. This permits unlimited travel within the day purchased.
3. The Taipei Fun Pass Transportation 1-Day Pass can be purchased at any Taipei MRT information counter (NT$180/per person). The one-day pass for unlimited boarding is applicable for 5 routes of “Taiwan Tourist Shuttle,” including Crown Northern Coast, Keelung, Beitou Zhuzihu, Muzha Pingxi, and Gold Fulong shuttle bus, as well as the MRT and buses of Taipei City and New Taipei City. (It cannot be used for boarding buses with four-digit number)

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【Drive On Your Own】

Formosa Freeway(Jijin Interchange)→Provincial Highway 2→Wanli→Jinshan
Sun Yat-sen Freeway(Badu Interchange) →Provincial Highway 2→Wanli→Jinshan
Sun Yat-sen Freeway(Wugu Interchange)→Expressway 64→Bali-Wugu(Towards Tamsui)→Guandu Bridge→Zhuwei→Mangrove→Provincial Highway 2→Sanzhi→Shimen→Jinshan
Taipei→Yangmingshan National Park→Yangjin Rd→Jinshan
Taipei→Shilin→Guandu→Zhuwei→Mangrove→Provincial Highway 2→Sanzhi→Shimen→Jinshan

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