Cigu Tourist Center And The Breathtaking Sunset Of Cigu!

Qigu Tourist Service Center is an information station that helps visitors appreciate and connect with neighboring attractions. Opened on May 5th, 2020, The center provide friendly and various services with cutting-edge technologies to visitors in a more thoughtful manner. Moreover, the design of the structure is fascinating, using folded-plate structure, symbolizing the force of nature that shapes the form of this place.

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Qigu Tourist Service Centerphoto credit: ig@ninihsuan.w

Cigu Lagoon

Being the largest lagoon in Taiwan, the Cigu Lagoon shows the Biodiversity of Taiwan. The ecological environment here nurtures a variety of incredible creatures. For example, fish, shrimp, mussels, oysters, and crabs and the bivalve molluscs, but most importantly, sunset are a beautiful sight to witness here, which is the main reason people came here.

Cigu Lagoonphoto credit: ig@djphoto_dj

Ciqu Salt Mountains

The salt mountain is the largest salt field in Taiwan’s history. However, salt industry has declined in recent decades. But this place immediately turned into a tourist attraction. There are two salt mountains here, the Highest Peak of Salt Mountain and the North Peak of Salt Mountain. The Highest Peak is the landmark Cigu’s tourist. Visitors can experience the process of making salt in traditional salt fields and other interesting events hold in here every year.

Ciqu Salt Mountainsphoto credit: ig@travelholicday

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Traffic Information

Address: 724, Tainan City, Qigu District

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