The Best Night Market For Students – Shida Night Market

Located in Da’an District, near The National Taiwan Normal University, Shida Night Market is a night market that caters to millennials locals and students from nearby university looking for shopping and  street foods. Also, Shida Night Market is famous for its diversity, with clothing store that sells trendy apparel, shirts, and shoes, follow by a variety of cheap street food stalls.

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Because most of the visitors are students, the food stalls here often price their foods very reasonably.Some of the famous foods like, Li Ayi Shui Jian Bao (李阿姨水煎包), Lan Jia Gua Bao (藍家割包),Ho Ho Mei (好好味港式小吃), Niu Lao Da (牛老大) and Shi Yun (師園鹽酥雞).

Shida Night Marketphoto credit: ig@gominkin

How To Get There


Green Line : Take the Green Line to Taipower Building Station (台電大樓站). Take Exit 3, walk for 7 minutes straight to reach Shi-Da Road (師大路) or you can transfer to bus 74 to Shida Rd. station and walk approximately 3 minutes to get to the night market.

Orange Line : Take the Orange Line to Guting Station (古亭站). Take exit 3 and walk straight for 10 minutes to get to the night market.

By Bus

Take 3、15、18、74、235、237、278、662、663、672、907、Heping Metro Bus, exit at Shida or Shida 1 station.

Drive on your own

1. Zhongshan Expressway, get off at Yuanshan Interchange, take Jianguo North Road to Jianguo South Road Section 2, turn right to Heping East Road to Heping East Road Section 1, and turn left to Shida Road (passing the campus of Taiwan Normal University).

2. National freeway 2, turn from Muzha Interchange to Wanfang Interchange, get to Xinhai Road, turn right to Roosevelt Road to Roosevelt Road 2, turn right to Heping East Road then turn left to Shida Road.

3. National freeway 2, get off the Xinbeihuanhe Expy, Xindian and Shuiyuan Expressway at Ankeng Interchange, turn right to Shida Road and cross Roosevelt Road.

4. Parking information: Lane 200, Section 2, Dunhua S Rd, Da’an District

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