Ningxia Night Market – A Night Market That Has Rich History

photo credit: ig@milkcat

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Located at one of Taipei’s oldest neighborhoods, Ningxia night market not only is one of the oldest night market in Taiwan, it also offers a taste of traditional Taiwanese street foods. Most of the food stalls here are over 10 years old, and some of the most renowned Taiwanese Street foods acutally stems from Ningxia Night Market, for example, Formosa Chang(鬍鬚張), Tofu Pudding(豆花), Oyster omelette, Taiwanese Teppanyaki and Milk Fish(虱目魚), the list goes on and on. Ningxia Night Market is certainly one of the most popular Night Markets for both the locals and foreigners. 

photo credit: ig@Taipeifoodie

How To Get There

Address|Ningxia Rd, Datong District


From Zhongshan Station: Take exit 1 and walk straight from Nanjing W Rd ( heading west) about 10 minutes.

From Shaunglian Station : Take exit 1 and walk straight from Minsheng W Rd ( heading west) about 8 minutes.

By Bus

▸Blessed Imelda’s School Station:R33,39,539,42,518,613,42,518,539
▸Minsheng Chongqing intersection:2,215,223,250,288,302,304Chongqing line,306,46,601,63,636,639,Chongqing Metro Bus
▸Taipei Circle Station:223,250,255,42,518,52,601,605,622,639,641,704
▸Taipei Circle (Nanjing) Station:12,2,215,282,288,306,46,518,52,63,636,638,660,BR9
▸Taipei Circle Station( Nanjing 1):250,302,304Chengde ,601

Drive on your own

1. Take the Chengde Rd. and turn to Nanjing W Rd. or Minsheng W Rd. The night market is between the Chien-Cheng Circle and Blessed Imelda’s School. 

2. Drive straight onto Chongqing N Rd. then circle around the Chien-Cheng Circle, you will get to Ningxia Rd.

Parking Information

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