Check Out Taiwan’s Own Stonehenge In Jiufen|Benshan Mine

We’ve all heard of the Stonehenge Wiltshire, England, but do you know that there’s also a mini stonehenge in Taiwan? The Benshan Mine is a large former open cast mine, and is also the first place to mine gold in Jinguashih. Located in Ruifang District in New Taipei city, Benshan Mine is above the Jinguashih Shrine, a part of the Jinguashih Geopark. Because the shape of the Mountain is similar to pumpkin(金瓜), the mountain was named 「金瓜山」, which also attributed to the name of the place “Jinguashih”(金瓜石).
The Benshan Mine has two entrances, the north and the southern one. The entrance from the north one is at the top of the stone stairs in Jinguashi Shrine, while the southern one is at the 102 county highway. The trail of the southern entrance is a zig-zag trail, which makes climbing easier and prevent erosion. The trail is also the route of early gold miners in this place.

photo credit : [email protected]trails_of_taiwan

Upon entering the Benshan Mine, you begin realize how spectacular the mountain is , it will be an magical experience that will stay in your memory banks forever. The stone array is an outstanding piece of natural beauty. Along the way, you will get to witness and have a taste of what life was like for the hard-working miners who supplied lots of the metals needed by the Japanese empire at that time.

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With this kind of awe-inspiring scenery, it sets a perfect stage for stunning photos. Even amateur photographers can shoot incredible photos. It’s simply impossible to take a bad picture surrounded by such gloriousness in this place, the U shape stone is also a popular instagrammable place.

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Benshan Mine is also a great place for stargazing, it shows a different aspect of the beautiful mountain. However, the signal on the mountain is often weak, so it’s not recommend to go by yourself alone at night, remember to watch for your own safety at all times.

Jinguashi Geopark ─ Benshan Mine

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