The Most Famous Night Market In Taipei : Shilin Night Market

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The Shilin night market in Taipei is the most visited and the largest night market in the city, locals spent their childhood here and often considered it to be the most famous night market in Taiwan. It is not only the most popular night market for the locals, but also the most iconic of all the night markets in Taiwan.
Shilin night market was established around 50 years ago in the 1970s, it used to be a small night market near the local temple and centered around Wenlin road. With the expansion of the Shilin night market, it connects to Dadong Rd, Danan Rd. and Anping St. and other small alleyways, making it bigger than before.

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To begin with, there are various Taiwanese food that you should definitely try – their crispy fried chicken fillet, fried buns, spicy dried tofu, scallion pancakes, cold noodle, Taiwanese sausage and many more. 

Travel Information

1. Take the High Speed Rail to the Taipei station; transfer to the MRT, exit at Jiantan station, exit 1.
Take the Taipei Sightseeing Bus to Jiantan MRT station.

Take the 41、68、102、103、105、111、203、218、220、224、250、260、266、267、277、277、279、279、280、285、290、303、308、310、529、606、612、612、616、618、646、665、685、902、NH17、216、220、266、280、303、304Chengde、620、S18、S15、S16、S17、S18、S19、Zhonshan Metro Bus、M1、MRT YS-Neihu Express、O17、R5、R10、R3、R30、R7、Songjiang Xinsheng Metro Bus、Chongqing Metro Bus、530

Drive on your own
Exit at Yuanshan Interchange and turn right(圓山交流道) ➨ Minzu E. Road and turn right (民族東路) ➨ Zhongshan N. Road (中山北路) ➨ MRT Jiantan station and turn left to Jiantan Rd.(劍潭路)➨ Turn right at Jihe Rd.(基河路)
2. Exit at  Taipei Interchange ➨  Sec. 4, Chongqing N. Rd ➨ Turn right and take the Bailing bridge ➨ Continue drive straight onto Zhongzhen Rd.(中正路) and turn right at Wenlin Rd.(文林路)
There are lots of parking garage near the Shilin Night Market.

Jihe Rd.、Wenlin  Rd.、Danan Rd.、 Dadong Rd, Shilin District, Taipei City

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