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When more and more people expect that accommodation should not just be a place for sleeping, hotel owners have to think of a way to make their hotels distinguished and attractive. As a travel editor, I have experienced many special and gorgeous  motels in Taiwan. Today, I experienced the latest motel in Taichung – Birdman Motel, which is really fashionable and glamorous.

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The hotel is located in Beitun District, which is well developed in Taichung, and it takes only 5-10 minutes to drive from Fengjia Night Market. The exterior is quite eye-catching, different from the design of other hotels. The reflection of lights on the geometric nest makes Birdman Hotel become a new landmark in Beitun. There are 33 rooms with different styles, including themes of desert, nature and so on.This time, I live in Original Cave Room, which is the most popular room in Birdman Motel. 

Each room has its own garage. As I stepped into the room, I felt so amazed by the interior design. From doorway to bathroom, brown cement is used to imitate realness in the cave, and the lamps on the wall make the primitive design more vivid.

Although the room is not very luxurious, it is spacious and comfortable. The room amenities provided include a massage bathtub, essential oil and Cha tzu tang body wash, which is a famous Taiwanese brand. Take a hot bath, pick a TV show you like, and fully relax. In addition, thanks to the perfect mattress, I had a  good night’s sleep here. 

You can just take a rest or stay for night in Taichung BirdMan Hotel. Besides, there are two  KTV rooms here. All rooms are equipped with bathtubs. Every corner of the room will definitely become the popular checked-in places on Instagram. It is a good accommodation for couples and friends.

If you want to  sweeten your relationships, you must come to Birdman Hotel and see the romantic interior designs here. Enjoy the sweet moments with your lovers, and create happy memories together at Birdman Hotel.

Travel Info
Birdman Motel
鳥人創意旅店[niǎo rén chuàng yì lǚ diàn ]
-Contacts: 04-2426-2777
-Address:No. 55, Sec. 2, Jingmao 3rd Rd., Beitun Dist., Taichung City 406
-Booking website:

Editor : Tina@ReadyGo
Thanks to  Hsu Tzu–Yin for the original content sharing.

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