The Three Best Places for Bubble Tea and the ordering way

Bubble tea represents the “QQ” food texture that Taiwanese love. The phrase refers to something very chewy and soft.  Chun Shui Tang and Hanlin Tea Room were the two  oldest bubble tea house in Taiwan. They both claim to have invented bubble tea. Regardless of which shop did it first, bubble tea joints have become the the most famous drink in Taiwan and  all over the world. 

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Resource/Website of Hanlin Tea Room

Today, bubble tea shops occupy nearly every corner of Taiwan’s streets. They spread to Asian countries like Japan, South Korea and even Paris. Besides Chun Shui Tang and Hanlin Tea Room, there are  many cheaper bubble tea shop all around Taiwan.

Resource/Website of Chun Shui Tang

Variations of bubble tea include flavor of the tea, size of the bubble, served cold or hot and so on.It usually fall under two categories: teas (without milk) and milk teas. Both varieties come with a choice of black, green, or oolong tea. Milk teas include either condensed milk, powdered milk, or fresh milk. The following is the recommended bubble tea shops in Taiwan.

Chen San Ding Black Sugar Bubble Tea 陳三鼎黑糖青蛙鮮奶

It sells the one-and-only item: brown sugar bubble tea. It is a drink with rich milk, brown sugar and perfectly-cooked black pearls.

Resource/ Instagram@bottle_wang

| Address:No. 2, Aly. 8, Ln. 316, Sec. 3, Roosevelt Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City (Map)

TenRen’s Tea 天仁茗茶

The tea of TenRen has fresh taste with roasted undertones and a faint roasted aroma. It has a sweet and lightly roasted flavor with a very faintly roasted aftertaste. There are shops of TenRen’s Tea all over Taiwan and you can find the address in their official website.

Resource/ Website of TenRen’s Tea

| Official Website:Click Here


Jenjudan is one of the famous bubble tea shops in Taiwan.Every drink is with 100% fat milk and brown sugar to give it a rich taste. There are over thirty shops around Taiwan and even in Korea, Japan and Australia.

Resource/Fanpage of Jenjudan

| Official Website:Click Here

How to order

1. Wo yao zhen-zhu nai-cha, ban tang, shao bing – 我要珍珠奶茶, 半糖, 少冰 (I want bubble milk tea, half sugar, little ice)

2. Yao dai-zi – 要袋子” (I need a bag.)

3. xie xie – 謝謝 (Thank you.) 





Jen-Ju Nai Cha (Pearl Milk Tea)

Ban Tang
(Half Sugar)

Shau Bing
(Little Ice)

Da  bei (Large size)

Lu Cha
(Green Tea)

Wu Tang
(No sugar)

Chu Bing
(No ice)

Zhong  bei (Medium size)

(Black Tea)

Chang Tang
(Full Sugar)

Ban Bing
(Half Ice)

Xiao bei  (Little size)


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