One of the best Taiwanese foods- Changhua Ba-wan (meatball)

Ba-wan (Chinese: 肉圓) means meatball in Taiwanese and it was invented Changhua. People dry sweet potatoes, ground them into powder, made dough with the powder and then add  pork and dried bamboo shoots in dough to make Ba-wan. It is very delicious with sweet sauce or with mashed garlic.

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Changhua-style ba-wan is considered to be the “standard” ba-wan as it is the most famous and most widely imitated of all styles of ba-wan in Taiwan. Since the  dough is made of a combination of corn starch, sweet potato starch, and rice flour, ba-wan tastes very chewy and sticky. 


A JHANG Ba-wan (阿璋肉圓) is the most famous shop in Changhua. It is also the shooting shot of the well-known Taiwanese movie “You Are the Apple of My Eye”. You can see the big poster of the movie in front of the shop. 


Ba-wan is one of the must-eat food in CNN’s report “40 of the best Taiwanese foods and drinks”. Go to Changhua and enjoy this delicacy in A JHANG Ba-wan!

Travel Info
A JHANG Ba-wan
-Located in: 
Central Taiwan
Snack bar
-Highly recommend to:
-Opening Hours: 
-Contact: +886-4-722-9517
No.144, Chang’an St., Changhua City, Changhua County 50061

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