Spectacular Scenes in Eastern Taiwan : Guishan Island


Guishan Island (literally Turtle Mountain Island) is a turtle shaped island outside the coast of Yilan. It is a guard base without people living on it since the fisherman there have all moved to Taiwan. The island open for day tours. You can register online to apply for the tours to the island, including hiking and whale watching offshore. 

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You can take a boat from Wushih Harbor in Yilan to Guishan Island. To get to Wushih Harbor from Taipei, you can take the train at Taipei Main Station to Toucheng station, and then take a bus from there.


Whale watching: 1200 NT per person. (about 3 hours)
Island tour: 1200 NT per person. (about 3 hours)
Whale watching and island tour: 1600 NT per person (about 4 hours)
Island tour and hiking to the top of the island: 1600 NT per person (about 6.5 hours)
>>Register here

*Guishan Island only open from March to November. You have to register one month before the tour online.

What to see

The following scenes of Guishan Island are the must-to-see while going on the island tour.

Turtle God Wearing a Hat:  When a cloud is above the top of the island, the scene looks like a turtle wearing a hat.

Turtle Cliff Wall: Because the strong wind and wave, the cliff of Guishan Island is very high and steep.

Turtle Island Sulfur:Guishan Island is the only active volcano in Taiwan. You can smell sulfur around of it.

Undersea Hot Spring Flowing Up:The water in the front of Guishan Island is  turquoise color because of an undersea hot spring. You can play stand up paddle on this beautiful ocean. 

picture/ IG@tinachang0610 

Turtle Looking Toward the Sun:There is tour at dawn. You can take a boat to Guishan Island and enjoy the beautiful sunrise there.  

The Turtle God’s Tail:After landing on the pier, you can see the sand bar that looks like a turtle’s tail on the embankment beside the pier.

Guiwei Lake:The lake was originally a natural lagoon. The citizens tried to build a harbor there but after typhoon the entrance would always block up so they’ve built a dam and made the lake permanent. It relaxing to take walk beside the lake and enjoy the fresh air on the island.

Travel Info

Guishan Island 龜山島
-Located in:
Eastern Taiwan
Guishan Island (Turtle Island) Links
-Highly recommend to:
 Families, Lovers of outdoor activities
-Opening Hours: March to November
-Contact: +886-2-2499-1115
-Ticketing: NTD$1200+
-Transportation:1. THSR Taipei Station (or TRA Taipei Station) → TRA Wai’ao Station 2. THSR Taipei Station (or TRA Taipei Station) → take Kuo-kuang Bus (bound for Yilan and Luodong) to Da-ao stop. 3. From Wushi Harbor, ferry to Guishan Island.
-Address:10 km east of Toucheng Township Coastline, Yilan County

Editor : Tina@ReadyGo
Cover picture:IG@chunjennifer

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