MUST-GO in Yilan ! : Luodong Night Market

Last weekend we went to Yilan for vacation. Our first stop was the night market in Luodong, the biggest night market in Yilan.

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We were surprised to find quite a busy night market which in the middle was so packed with people that you could barely move. Pretty much every night market stand was a food stall. There wasn’t much of selling clothes or trinkets from what we could see, although there were many clothing shops surrounding the night market.
If you want to enjoy the delicacies in Luodong Night Market without the hassles of the crowds, we advise you to visit the market on weekdays, when you will be able to wander around in the market with ease. If you can only visit the market on the weekends, we advise you to arrive before 16:00 or after 22:00, to avoid the horrific weekend crowds. 

One food stand particularly caught my eye: fried Taro buns with various fillings, You could choose cheese, meat floss, or egg yolk. I chose the cheese. It was okay, nothing too special. But only 20 NT a piece. After looking around at all the fried food we decided that we just wanted some hot pot that we saw at the mouth of the night market, 3 Momma’s hotpot 三媽臭臭火鍋。

We have always been fans of 3 Momma’s hotpot 三媽臭臭火鍋. Some have free drinks and ice cream, this one only had wintermelon tea. I got a seafood hotpot for 120 NT, but I was surprised to find that there were no oysters. I thought for sure oysters would be a staple in every seafood hotpot in Taiwan, but I guess you can’t have everything you want.

You can shop at Luodong Night Market, and also enjoy fine snacks such as Angelica Lamb Soup (Dang-gui-yan-rou-tang), Sanxing Spring Onion Buns (San-xing-cong-bao), Deep-fried Meat Cake (Gao-zha), Meat Fritters (Bu-rou), Deep Fried Pork Rolls (Long-feng-tui), Crispy Egg Cakes (Cui-pi-ji-dan-gao), etc. The street food options are so many that it is often difficult for people to choose which ones they want. Because of these delicacies, Luodong Night Market has become a famous tourist attraction, bringing crowds to the neighborhood. 

Editor: John@ReadyGo
Thanks to Foreigners in Taiwan for content sharing.

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