Excellent Place for Watching Sunset : Wazihwei Nature Reserve

“Wa-Zhi” is located at the left bank of the Danshui River, and it is thus named because of its meandering bay which latches jointly with Danshui to the river mouth. Danshui is one of the areas developed earlier by Chinese immigrants, where vessels take berth as of its deep water as early as early Qing Dynasty.In the 12th year of Emperor Yung Cheng, street markets appeared, but the city was dilapidated and deserted later on because of sedimentation times after Emperor Chen Lung . Since the area is typical of river mouth ecology, mangrove will carry along with lots of sand organic materials from, Danshui River, forming swampland . Since the river water is polluted, in addition to illegal sand mining in the area , the survival of mangrove, which also functions for homeland security, is jeopardized. In order to protect the ecosystem formed with mangrove forest, and its accompanying wildlife and plants, Council of Agriculture has officiated in January 1994 the area as “Wazihwei Nature Reserve.”

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Because of the sedimentation and tides of Danshui River, it brings rich organic materials to the area, and has nurtured its special ecosystems. Even though the variety of life is of the area is not that many, the amount of them is tremendous.

Being a wetland, it is highly reproductive, and has attracted many wild birds. During low tide, birds will feed on outer beach. During high tide, the mud beach inland turns into ideal ground for bird habitation. Since birds of the area are mostly migratory species , it is favorable for bird observation from September to April. In the last five years, The Taipei Wild Bird Society has conducted monitoring program at the area, and it is found that there are tremendous environmental changes in this area. Also, special attention should be given to the sign of decreasing migratory birds coming to the area.

Travel Info
Wazihwei Nature Reserve
[挖子尾自然保留區/Wa Zịh Weǐ Zìh Rán Baǒ Lioú Chyu]
-Located in: 
Northern Taiwan
New Taipei City
Outdooor activities
-Highly recommend to:
Natural enthusiasts, Couples, Families

-Opening Hours: 24-7
-Address: Waziwei St., Bali Dist., New Taipei City 249, Taiwan

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