One of Taiwan’s Most Beautiful Alpine Lakes : Chiaming Lake

This elliptical alpine lake, gemlike on a sunny day, attracts a great deal of wildlife and your chances of spotting endemic yellow-throated martens and sambar deer are good. In fact, recent surveys put the number of deer in the area at a whopping 70 to 80 per square kilometre.

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Located at about 7km straight distance north of Siangyang on Southern Cross-Island Highway,Chiaming Lake is an oval-shape lake at high altitude with praised names such as “the sapphire of high mountains” and “angel’s teardrop.”The surface of Chiaming Lake is 120m long and 80m wide,at elevation of 3,310m. Chiaming Lake is surrounded by emerald green forest plantation. Reflecting azure blue sky to its clear surface,the lake looks as if it is so deep that you can never reach its lake bed and emits a sense of tranquility of a fairyland.Legend has it that Chiaming Lake was formed by meteor impact,which makes it even more exceptional.

Travel Info
Chiaming Lake
[嘉明湖 /Jia Míng Hú]
-Located in: Eastern Taiwan
-County: Taitung County
-Features: Scenic spot
-Highly recommend to: Couples, Families
-Contact: +886-89-931370
East side of Sancha Mountain on Southern Cross-Island Highway, Haiduan Township, Taitung County, Haiduan Township, Taitung County Taiwan, R.O.C 

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Info quoted from Taitung County Government.
  Thanks to Lonely Planet for the content sharing.

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