A Lovely Natural site in Puli : Huisun Forest Reserve

Huisun Forest was called Nenggao Forest. It is the largest of the four forests of National Chung Hsing University. “Huisun” is the name of the late university president Tang Hui Sun. In memory of president Tang, the university renamed the forest Huisun. In addition to the dense forest, there are canyons and waterfalls in the forest. The mountain has an altitude of 450~2420 and thus the flora varies in different places. You can find subtropical and temperate plants in this mountain.

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It’s Taiwan’s largest old growth forest, not only offers lovely, negative-ion-filled hiking trails; it’s a one-stop site for families looking to up their endorphin levels for a weekend – there’s a campground to pitch a tent, pagodas and rocks to enjoy, and local coffee to sample, or simply stroll, admire the trees and try to spot a Taiwan Blue Magpie or two.

                             Resource:  Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan)

There are pleasant rooms and cabins for rent (from NT$2400) within the park. Meals (breakfast NT$90, lunch or dinner from NT$220) are served in the centre at the end of the reserve (about 5km from the entrance gate on the lone road). Nantou Bus Company runs services to Huisun (NT$124, 80 minutes) leaving from Puli’s Zhongzheng Rd at 8.50am and 2.05pm.

Travel Info
Huisun Forest Reserve
[惠蓀林場/Hueì Sun Lín Chǎng]

-Located in: 
Central Taiwan
Scenic spot
-Highly recommend to:
Couples, Families
-Ticketing: Adult: NT$200; Group: NT$150; Discount: NT$100
-Contact: +886-49-294-2001
No.1, Shanlin Lane, Xinsheng Village, Ren-ai Township, Nantou County

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