Don’t Miss Spectacular Sculptures in Northern Taiwan : Juming Museum

This museum and sculpture park is where you’ll see the riveting works of Taiwan’s best-known contemporary sculptor, Ju Ming (1938–), against the backdrop of nature. Ju Ming has works strewn all over the world, but the collection here is the most sizeable. It includes the massive, minimalist stone pieces of the celebrated ‘Tai Chi’ series.

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Born in Tongxiao, Miaoli in 1938, Juming a.k.a. Chu Chuan Taiis an art master in Taiwan. Juming Museum is surrounded by lush forests, ample space and infinite view. Next to Jin Mountain (Jinshan), Juming Museum is the largest outdoor art museum in Taiwan. The spacious museum presents Juming’s creative works from 1987 to 1999. Master Juming himself participated in locating, designing and constructing this museum. After being exhibited in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Paris and Luxembourg, Juming’s works have been shipped back to Taiwan and are presented in this outdoor museum. With 50 years of extensive experience from at home and abroad, art master Juming places his creations in Juming Museum, which is a place worth visiting for art lovers. You can spend anywhere from two hours to half a day here but note that the cafe only sells pastries.

Resource: Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan).

Travel Info
Juming Museum
[朱銘美術館/Jhu Míng Meǐ Shù Guǎn
-Located in: 
Northern Taiwan
New Taipei City
-Highly recommend to:
Art lovers, Hipsters, Families

-Opening Hours: 
May to Oct.: 10: 00 – 18: 00

Nov. to Apr.: 10: 00 – 17: 00
Open Tuesday to Sunday and National Holidays.
Close on Mondays.
-Contact: +886-2-2498-9940
-Ticketing: Adult Ticket: NTD$350,Dis count Ticket : NTD$320
No. 2, Xishi Lake, Jin Mountain (Jinshan) District, New Taipei City

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