Come and See the Dutch Colonial Remnant : Anping Fort

Behind the Matsu Temple, the fort was a stronghold of Dutch power until its capture by Koxinga in 1661 after a nine-month battle. In Kangxi Emperor’s regime of Qing Dynasty, Taiwan was included in the empire that the political center was transferred to Tainan City, causing the decline of the Fort. The red bricks of the Fort have been taken for construction of Eternal Fortress. During the Japanese occupation, the Dutch style buildings in inner fortress were completely destroyed.

A square red-bricked step platform was constructed with a western style house on the platform, being served as dormitory for Customs officials, where the memorial hall now is located. It was named Anping Old Fort after Restoration of Taiwan and become an attraction for tourists. The remaining more than 70 meters long south walls of the outer fort with worn-out red bricks, accompanied by the old banyan roots, chanted its odyssey . Most of it has been reconstructed but it’s still an impressive site. A small museum on the grounds highlights the history of the Dutch occupation of Taiwan. The fort is the very historical replica over three hundred years.

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Travel Info
Anping Fort
[安平古堡/An Píng Gǔ Baǒ
-Located in: 
Southern Taiwan
Historical site
-Highly recommend to: 
History Buffs, Hipsters

-Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 8:30~17:30
-Ticketing: Full price tickets NT$50, half price tickets NT$25 
-TEL: +886-6-2267348
No.82, Guosheng Rd., Anping District, Tainan City

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Info quoted from Tourism Bureau of Tainan City Government 
Thanks to Lonely Planet for the content sharing.

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