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The Taiwan Museum of Art, which opened in 1988, has a total of 24 exhibition halls. The museum regularly holds exhibitions of Western art, Chinese brush paintings, and sculpture, and has its own collection of valuable pieces of art. Residents can relax in the garden outside the museum. The outdoor courtyard of the Museum comprises a total area of 102,000 square meters (inclusive of the Public Outdoor Sculpture Park), making the NTMoFA one of the largest art museum in Asia.

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The exhibition area of the NTMoFA consists of the galleries laid out in an east-west direction. Whereas some of them each measures nearly 6 meters in height, the Gallery Street running across the first floor of the museum building measures approximately 11 meters in height. The museum building has three floors. The large exhibition space on the third floor houses a permanent exhibition of the NTMoFA’s collection of works. It is designated for regularly scheduled exhibitions of works by both experienced and rising artists. The galleries on the first floor and second floor showcase various exhibitions. The Gallery 108 entices public viewing with fascinating displays of digital arts or cross-disciplinary performances. The Gallery Street, which connects all the exhibition spaces on the first floor, features an amazing display of large-scale sculptures and installation art.

The education programs of the NTMoFA cater to various audiences including schools (even from remote areas), families, amateur and professional artists, individual art lovers, art-appreciation societies and minority groups. Apart from viewing art exhibitions, visitors to the NTMoFA can enjoy access to extensive services and learning opportunities provided by the Museum, such as seminars and special lectures, conferences, film screenings, workshops, teacher study groups, training programs and teaching resources, guided tours and wireless digital audio tours. The facilities and activities of the NTMoFA are designed to encourage lifelong learning through play, and to inspire in children, the love of learning and art. The Family Room is enormously popular with parents and children alike, especially youngsters under 12 years of age.

The museum founded “Digital Arts Creativity and Resource Center” in March 2007. Not just an exhibition space, the Digital Arts Creativity and Resource Center promotes digital creativity in Taiwan. The center holds international digital art exhibitions, and encourages local artists to take part in overseas art fairs. The center also brings professionals with different expertise together to work on interdisciplinary projects. It is an ideal space for integrating education and creativity, and provides an excellent laboratory that allows artists to move freely between virtual and material worlds. By providing a diverse range of arts and educational activities, the NTMoFA introduces to the public the characteristics of Taiwanese arts and help the visitors appreciate the beauty of art. The ultimate aim of the Museum is to extend and deepen the public’s interest in arts.

                            Resource: Taichung City Government Tourism Office
Travel Info
National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
[國立台灣美術館/Guó Lì Taí Wan Meǐ Shù Guǎn]

-Located in: Central Taiwan
-County: Taichung City
 Museum, Exhibitions, Scenic Spots

-Highly recommend to: Art enthusiasts, Kids
-Opening Hours: Tuesday to Friday AM09:00~PM17:00 ;Saturday、Sunday AM09:00~PM18:00;Monday closed
-Contact: +886-4-23723552
-Address: No.2, Sec. 1, Wuquan W. Rd., West Dist., Taichung City

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Info quoted from National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.
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