Immerse Yourself in the World of Stamps : Chunghwa Postal Museum

Stamps, uniforms, machinery, history and so much more for a token admission price. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but the stamps of the world collection, while a bit outdated, is pretty impressive; for newer stamps check out the glass cabinets of Taiwan’s special issues.

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Established in 1965, the exhibits at the Postal Museum document the development of the postal service from the past to the present. An effective postal service depends on international cooperation so on display are logos, post boxes and postman uniforms from around the world. These help us learn more about other countries’ postal services.

Travel Info
Chunghwa Postal Museum
[郵政博物館/Yoú Jhèng Bó Wù Guǎn]
-Located in: 
Northern Taiwan
-Highly recommend to: 
Hipsters, doodlers

-Contact: +886-2-23123717
-Address: No.55, Sec. 2, Jinshan S. Rd., Da-an District, Taipei City 10603, Taiwan


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Info quote from Postal Museum.
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