Best Beach in Northern Taiwan : Baisha Bay

One of the best beaches in New Taipei City is found at this little bay that’s sometimes called White Haven Beach. The Chinese name translates as ‘white-sand bay’. The entrance to the beach is down a side road 100m or so off Hwy 2 (there are English signs around the 23km mark). Swimming is permitted from May to September, as is surfing.

                             Resource: Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan)
                             Visitor center near the beach

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For surfboard rentals and lessons, visit CU Surf Paradise Taiwan on the main road where the bus drops you off. Baishawan is formed by the stubby finger of rocky Linshanbi Cape (麟山鼻; Línshānbí) extending into the Taiwan Strait. This is a scenic part of the north coast and a several-kilometres-long boardwalk runs along the shoreline as part of a 10km bike path from Sanzhi to Shimen.

                             Parking space

Tourism Shuttle Buses from Danshui MRT station stop on Hwy 2 just before the entrance. Or catch bus 862 (20 to 30 minutes, every 20 to 40 minutes) heading to Keelung. The first bus leaves at 5.50am. Check the stop at Baishawan for the return schedule (there should be return buses until around 8.30pm).
                              Resource: North Coast National Scenic Area

Travel Info
Baisha Bay
[白沙灣/Baí Sha Wan
-Located in: 
Northern Taiwan
New Taipei City
Scenic spot
-Highly recommend to:
Outdoor activities enthusiasts, Couples, Families

-Opening Hours:
Summer time (May.-Sep.): 09:00~18:00
Winter time (Oct.-Apr.): 09:00~17:00

-Contact: +886-2-86355100
Baisha Bay, Shimen District, New Taipei City

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