Feel the Magic of Pacific Ocean! : Beiguan Tidal Park

Just north of Wai’ao is this small seaside park with beautiful cuesta and ‘tofu’ block rock formations, and lookouts down the coast. You can snorkel here in summer.

Beiguan Tidal Park is also known as Lancheng Park, a tourist attraction in the Northeast Coast of the National Scenic Area, and also one of the best attractions when taking the North Coast Highway. The Park features a Sea-viewing Pavilion, cultural relics and ancient artifacts, scenic trails, information boards, and other facilities. Standing on the Sea-viewing Pavilion, you can overlook Guishan Island, Wai’ao Beach, or trains roaring past.

Walking along the winding path along the coast, you can see the black cuesta and neat and uniform chessboard rocks all the way. The plants growing on those giant stones add a bit of green and change in the course of time.
                                             Resource: Yilan county government
Travel Info
Beiguan Tidal Park
[北關海潮公園/Beǐ Guan Haǐ Chaó Gong Yuán
-Located in: 
Northern Taiwan
Scenic Spot
-Highly recommend to: 
Families, Outdoor Activities Enthusiasts

-Contact: +886-3-9780727
-Address: No.10, Sec. 4, Binhai Rd.,, Toucheng Township, Yilan County Taiwan

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Info quoted from Yilan county government.
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