Embrace the First Aurora in Taiwan : Taimali Beach

In year 2000,thousands of people were attracted to Taimali beach to celebrate with 25 other countries for the first aurora shining upon the Pacific Ocean. This palm-studded beach running up the emerald coast seems to stretch on and on. There’s no swimming but the crashing surf, soft sand, green mountains rising to the west and long coastline sweeping north make it a fabulous place for a couple hours of strolling.

There’s also plenty of driftwood, should you want to build a fire, and no one would object if you set up a tent and camped out. The small Bunun village here has become known locally for efforts to revitalise traditional indigenous culture, although outside of the Harvest Festival in August, travellers are unlikely to be able to partake in this.

                              Resource: Taitung county government
Travel Info
Taimali Beach
[太麻里海岸 /Taimali Hai’an]
-Located in: Eastern Taiwan
-County: Taitung County
-Features: Scenic spot
-Highly recommend to: Couples, Families
-Contact: +886-89-781301
The beach of No.9 Provincial Highway across the avenue in front of Taimali Railway Station, Taitung County, Taimali Township, Taitung County Taiwan

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Info quoted from Taitung County Government.
  Thanks to Lonely Planet and for the content sharing.

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