Stunninng Views of Mother Nature! : Taitung Forest Park

This huge expanse of forest and landscaped gardens and lakes is great fun to cycle around. The highlights are Huoshui lake and Pipa lake. The Huoshui lake, an enormous man-made freshwater lake at the northeastern edge that flows into the sea and is popular with swimmers and rowers. Be careful of the packs of stray dogs that wander this park, though usually they are too lazy to do anything more than bark.

The 280-hectare Taitung Forest Park at the end of Jhongshan Road is nicknamed “Black Forest”by Taitung residents for its immense dark beefwood trees. In the woods lies a serene lake fed by the gushing spring at the estuary of Beinan Creek,called Pipa (Chinese lute) Lake,because it has the shape of two connected water bodies,a small one and a large one. The scenic Pipa Lake is a habitat of aquatic animals and plants,and by the lake are a viewing platform and a cabin that overlooks the waterfowl. Visitors may enjoy the lake view on either bike routes or slat walks.

Resource: Taitung county government                             Resource: Taitung county government
Travel Info
Taitung Forest Park
[台東森林公園 /Taí Dong Sen Lín Gong Yuán]
-Located in: Eastern Taiwan
-County: Taitung County
-Features: Scenic spot
-Highly recommend to: Couples, Families
-Opening hours: 06:00-19:00
-Contact: +886-89-362025
No. 300,Huatai Road,Taitung City, Taitung City, Taitung County Taiwan

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Info quoted from Taitung County Government.
  Thanks to Lonely Planet for the content sharing.

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