Taiwan’s Earliest Prehistorical Cultural Remains : Caves of the Eight Immortals

Updated 2019-04-12

Caves of the Eight Immortals, aka Baxian Cave, has both the geologically and archaeologically interesting. It is located on the cliffs that face the Pacific Ocean in Shanjian Village in Changbin Township. There are dozens of natural sea caves. These sea caves were originally in the sea. Now they are scattered in 150 meter high cliffs. This is because the rise of the Earth’s crust on the East Coast of Taiwan, and the erosion that carved the soft part of rocks, forming the sea caves.

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Resource: East coast national scenic area

Baxian Cave site has access to all trails leading to each cave, the biggest cave is Lingyan Cave. And the highest cave, Kuenluen Cave, is about 130 meters high, besides that, there are also, Chienyuan Cave, Joucheng Cave, Hailay Cave, Chaoyin Cave, Yongan Cave and Shuilian Cave. Due to the religious use of the cave oringially, they all have a religious feel to them. Baxian Cave is also an important prehistoric site. There is a rich Paleolithic pottery culture that was found here which they named the Changbin Culture. It is the oldest prehistorical site that has been found in Taiwan. It is an important site that is ranked as a first class national historical site.

Travel Info
Caves of the Eight Immortals
[八仙洞 /Ba Sian Dòng]
-Located in: Eastern Taiwan
-County: Taitung County
-Features: Scenic spot
-Opening hours: 08:30-17:00

-Highly recommend to: Couples, Families
No.1~4,Shuimuding Rd.,Sanjian Vil., Changbin Township, Taitung County ,Taiwan

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