Take a Leisure Boat Trip : Love River

Updated 2019-03-26

Almost all big cities have a beautiful river passed by, this is especially true in Kaohsiung. Love River lies across Kaohsiung for times of sunrises and sunsets. Love River, known as Dagou River in Qing Dynasty, was renamed by Japanese as Takao River.

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Resource: Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan).

Love River was once an open sewer and it has seen a remarkable transformation in recent years. The waters flow clean and the bankside promenades with their benches, shady trees and outdoor cafes are popular hang-outs for both locals and visitors.
The river was also called Kaohsiung Canal. The riverbanks were beautified with greenery works and developed to be park areas, decorated with pillars chained with iron rope. The area becomes a romantic place for lovers to date with, therefore, the river was reputed as Love River.

Resource: Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan).

Resource: Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan).

On the banks, a number of parks and green lands were developed and constructed with a very long bicycle way. You may wander relaxedly on the pathways of the banks, admiring the pleasant landscape and enjoying the gentle touch of breeze.

Resource: Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan).

At night, visitors can take the boats on the east and west coast to look at the romantic and charming sights of Love River.  (20-minute rides are NT$80, and run from 4pm to 11pm).

Travel Info
Love River
[愛河/Aì Hé]
-Located in: 
Southern Taiwan
 Scenic Spots
-Highly recommend to:
 Couples, Families
-Address: Hedong Rd., Qianjin Dist., Kaohsiung City

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Info quoted from Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan).
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