Street Art Everywhere! : Taipei Cinema Park

This fairly bleak concrete square, with two brick buildings (remnants of former factory buildings) at the northern end – one is a restaurant, the other a toilet block – is set aside for Taiwan’s youth culture. The sole highlight is the funky and imaginative dreamscapes of graffiti on the back wall and extending into the lanes east of the park. Come here on a weekend and you are likely to find kids dancing to music and ad hoc flea markets.

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Resource: Taipei cinema park

Here are introduction of every section to Taipei Cinema Park:
Art Plaza:
Covering a total area of over 1,980 square meters, the Art Plaza is the main part of the park. The plaza has a stage and an auditorium, providing a decent performance space for artists. Urban Show Case, which opened on January 30th, 2010, is also part of the plaza and provides a venue for multimedia presentations.

Multifunctional Hall:
Located at the main entrance of Taipei Cinema Park and next to the bustling movie street (Wuchang Street) in Ximending, the retro-styled red-bricked building combines classic and modern features, creating a glamorous yet simple architectural atmosphere. The interior, covering an area of 11.5 x 6.5 meters, offers a sheltered space both for dynamic activities and exhibitions.

Graffiti Wall:
Lane 96 (nicknamed “American Street”) on Kunming Street, Ximending, is an area featuring trendy youth apparel and prevailing youth culture in Taipei City. You can find the walls, roller shutters and electric boxes here covered with original Taiwanese graffiti art.

Backstreet Plaza:
The youth street culture in Ximending has a long history. The vitality and characteristics of the sub-culture continues to stand out, forming a unique feature of Ximending in the urban spatial development of Taipei City.

Urban Show Case:
The Urban Show Case is a large two-story multimedia public art installation, with an interior floor area of 33 square meters and 6 suspended metal displays that can be combined flexibly according to the exhibition or disassembled to increase the indoor space. Also, large multimedia players are installed on the exterior of the four walls to convey information outward through the screens. It is hoped that the new installation will provide a more diverse performance stage, inspiring local residents and professional artists alike to create art and culture. Suitable events: exhibition with multimedia, small exhibition, video or multimedia presentations.


Resource: Taipei cinema park

Taipei Cinema Park has successfully combined cultural and art events with youth culture. Whether it is dancing or photo shooting, it has become a popular landmark for the general public and youth to conduct leisure activities. With the effort of Taipei Culture Foundation, it is hoped that the exuberant vitality of the commercial area in Ximending can extend to further enhance Taipei Cinema Park, creating a prosperous Ximending as a whole.

Travel Info
Taipei cinema park
[台北市電影主題公園/Taí Beǐ Shìh Diàn Yǐng Jhǔ Tí Gong Yuán]
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Northern Taiwan
 Exhibitions, Scenic Spots
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Hipsters, doodlers

-Contact: +886-2-23123717
-Address: No. 19, Kangding Rd., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City 108, Taiwan


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