Come and Take a Picturesque Walk! : Aletheia University

Wei-Te Wongyou

Aletheia University, located next to Fort San Domingo, the first Western university in Taiwan, founded by George Leslie Mackay. The university’s original building, Oxford College, was built in 1882 and fronts a Chinese-style pond and a large, more recent chapel. The university still operates as a centre of learning, so visitors are only allowed to wander the grounds and buildings at opening hours.

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Wei-Te Wong



If you ask me where is the most beautiful university in Taipei, I will absolutely tell you Aletheia University without hesitation. It’s  beautiful everywhere, Especially the chapel, which exterior appearance adopted Gothic architecture, interior with conventional design. There are seven floors overground, three floors underground, and it has a 32 feet tall pipe organ inside. Also, you will find there very nice gardens, specially close to the main entrance. In addition, another key point of visiting Aletheia University is the Oxford college, possessed with Taiwanese-style pond red tile roof and western roof windows and shutter, that’s a combination of Chinese and Western elements. So, if you are visiting the fort, DON’T miss it!

Since it is uphill, the view of Tamsui river is great! Many visitors of the fort would double up with a visit to the school’s beautiful gardens and stately old buildings to soak up the historical experience.

Travel Info
Aletheia University
[真理大學/Jhen Lǐ Dà Syuéh]
-Located in: Northern Taiwan

-Features: Exhibitions, Historical Site, Scenic Spots
-Highly recommend to: 
History Buffs

-Opening Hours: All day (Buildings may be different)
-Contact: +886-2-26212121
-Address: No. 32, Zhenli St., Tamsui Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan

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