The Best Spots for Viewing Cherry Blossoms in TAIWAN

Since it’s January, cherry blossom season is coming. The cherry blossoms are all in bloom during January to March. Some people might take a flight to Japan to experience the romance strolling under the cherry blossom. There are also cherry blossoms in Taiwan, and some of them did attract people all over the world coming for viewing. Do you know the best spots for viewing cherry blossoms in Taiwan? Let us show you.

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Yangmingshan National Park(陽明山櫻花季)


This park can be seen as one of the garden of Taipei. There are variety flowers blossom in different seasons, but the most famous one is the cherry blossoms. There are Yae Sakura, Yamazakura, Yoshino Sakura and Showa Sakura. The blooming time will be different depending on the breed. The most famous spots for viewing cherry blossoms in Yangmingshan National Park are Flower Clock(花鐘) and Visitors Service Center(陽明山遊客中心).

Resource: 2018 Yangmingshan Flower Festival ▲Flower Map of Yangmingshan National Park

Wulai Waterfall Park(新北烏來瀑布公園)


When mentioning about Wulai(烏來) in Taiwan, the first image comes up in mind must be “hot spring”. Well, actually Wulai is kind of an amazing secret place of viewing cherry blossoms. Dozen of cherry blossoms will bloom at the same time in Wulai Waterfall park during the Chinese New Year. Passing through the old street, you might find some cherry blossoms. As arrived the park, the view of cherry blossoms are spectacular.

Wuling Farm(武陵農場)


One of the most worth-expecting spots of viewing cherry blossoms in Taiwan might be Wuling Farm. The flowers start blooming since February. There is a trail for viewing cherry blossoms in the farm which is in the total length of 3 kilometers.There are more than 2.1 million cherry blossoms in the park. It’s quite amazing, right? Due to the cherry blossoms, there might be traffic control during the cherry blossoms season. Just remember to take a look of the traffic announcement before you set off.

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village(九族櫻花祭)


There is an amusement park in Taiwan which is also famous for cherry blossoms. Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village is an amusement park which is filled with aboriginal culture. During the Chinese New Year, flowers are all in bloom in the village. Since then, there is a Cherry Blossoms Festival held in the village every year. There are very Japanese-style activities such as viewing cherry blossoms at night, Taiko performances, and night dance festivals.

Ali Mountain(阿里山櫻花季)


Ali mountain is not only famous for the Ali train but for the cherry blossoms. The cherry blossoms season is going to start on March 16th and will last for a month. It might be a romantic experience viewing cherry blossoms while taking Ali train. There is a cherry blossoms trail in Alishan Recreation Area. You might feel like you are in Japan when shooting on this trail.

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