TAIPEI|Park in Zhongshan & Datong : Taipei Expo Park

Taipei Expo Park is composed of the Yuanshan Park, the Arts Park and the Xinsheng Park in the four major exhibition areas of the 2010 Taipei International Flower Expo. Taipei Expo Park is used as a general park on weekdays and the original Taipei Expo Exhibition Hall is used as a venue for various events.

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Yuanshan Park has a lively outdoor food court (Maji Square) and the Eco Ark (a giant structure made of recycled bottles, which frequently hosts free exhibitions).The park also known as Zhongshan No. 1 Park.It is planned as a children’s amusement park. Its main uses and facilities are used as a past, modern and future children’s play area.

“MAJI MAJI” Market is kind of the Food and Beverage Life Market Square .”MAJI MAJI” is a collection of quality shops. Whether it’s eating, drinking or buying there are some good products that you can choose from. On Saturdays and Sundays, there is the Taipei Expo Farmers Market set up by the Taipei City Government Industrial Development Bureau.You can try some Taiwan’s agricultural products planted by Taiwanese farmers.

Resource: maji_square

Across Zhongshan N Rd you’ll find the Arts Park.It also known as Zhongshan No. 2 Park. It is used as a lake, landscape, floor art exhibition area, flower display, installation art, outdoor teaching and performance art flea field.You can also visit  the International Pavilion of Indigenous Arts and Cultures, the Fine Arts Museum and Taipei Story House. 

Resource: Parks and Street Lights Office

Further east, Xinsheng Park has innovative pavilions and Lin Antai Historic House.The park is also known as Zhongshan No. 4 Park. It is planned to be a European Garden Park. The main purpose and facilities are as a flat grass flower display area, flower garden, sunny lawn, labyrinth and heated swimming pool.

Resource: Parks and Street Lights Office

Travel Info
Taipei Expo Park
[花博公園/Huā bó gōngyuán]
-Located in:
Northern Taiwan
Cultural & Creative Park, Exhibitions
-Highly recommend to: 
History Buffs,
-Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 24 hours
-Contact: +886-2-21828886
-Website: Taipei Expo Foundation
-Address: No.1, Yumen St., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Take the MRT Danshui-Xinyi Line to Yuanshan Station
▸Bus: Bus 208、21、247 Get off at MRT  Yuanshan Station then you’ll see the park in a walking distance..

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Info quoted from Taipei Expo Park.
Thanks to Lonely Planet  and  Taipei Expo Park for the content sharing.

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