TAIPEI|Historic Building in Yangmingshan National Park:Chungshan Hall(中山樓)

Built in 1965 to commemorate the centennial birthday of Sun Yat-sen, this hall a very ornate building and the interior is lavish. It’s about a three-minute walk back down the road from the 7-11 by Yangmingshan Bus Station. Entrance is on a Chinese-language tour at fixed times (9am, 10am, 1.30pm and 3pm).

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Resource: Chungshan Hall

Resource: Visual Hunt

Chungshan Hall which is located in sulfur area. The heat of Geothermal was really intense. Besides, the soil was with unevenly hardness. It was mixed with soft soil and hard stones. At the time, the construction machinery was simple and rude.It multiplied the difficulties of the construction work. The duration of the construction work is so short that it built a new record. It was one of the most unusual building on the sulfur area around the world.

Resource: Chungshan Hall

Resource: Chungshan Hall

Chungshan Hall is a 34-meter-tall building. It was built based on the art of Chinese Palatial Architecture. It was also a classical building because it was built against the mountain and arranged by the slope of mountain.The exterior is magnificent and the interior is resplendent. Tier upon tier of the building is covered with green glazed roof tiles. The overhanging eaves are like eagles with spread wings, so lively and vivid. Its appearance was especially magnificent with the red roof and the white walls. It is also the most typical building built during Chinese Cultural Renaissance Movement in Taiwan.

Resource: Visual Hunt

Travel Info
Chungshan Hall
[中山樓/Zhōngshān lóu]
-Located in:
Northern Taiwan
Historical Site, Museum
-Highly recommend to: 
History Buffs,
-Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, Four tours a day. (09:00;10:30;13:30;15:00)
-Contact: +886-2-28616391
-Website: Chungshan Hall
-Address: No.15, Sec. 2, Yangming Rd., Beitou Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan
-Tickets: Adult NT$80/ Discount NT$60

  1. Take the MRT Danshui-Xinyi Line to Jiantan Station and take bus red 5, holiday bus 111 to National Taiwan Library.
  2. Take the MRT Danshui-Xinyi Line to Beitou Station and take bus 230 to National Taiwan Library.
  3. Take the MRT Wenhu Line to the Jiannan Rd. Station Station and take bus 681 to National Taiwan Library.


  1. Ximending: Whole-line bus 260
  2. Jiantan MRT station and Shilin Official Residence : Red 5 and Bus 260 (includes shuttle bus)
  3. Taipei Main Station and Yuansan MRT station: Whole-line bus 260, Shuttle bus 260, and Bus 1717
  4. Neihu and Dazhi: Bus 681
  5. Beitou and Xinbeitou: Bus 230
  6. Shipai: Recreation Bus 128 (Run on holidays)
  7. Gongguan and Xingtian Temple: Recreation Bus 109 (Run on holidays)
  8. Sinjhuang and Fujen University: Recreation Bus 111(Run on holidays)
  9. Jinshan: Bus 1717

Get off at National Taiwan Library station, then you’ll see the library in a walking distance..

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Info quoted from Chungshan Hall.
Thanks to Lonely Planet  and  Chungshan Hall for the content sharing.

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