TAIWAN From Above:Beautiful Shots Beyond Benjamin Wu’s Drone and Camera

How will you learn a country before you travel there? In today’s world, internet might be the top tunnel to learn things. You might be interested in one country’s due to the beautiful shots you see on the internet. Today, I want to introduce a Taiwanese photographer who helps people to learn Taiwan in a deep way, Benjamin Wu. Beautiful Shots Beyond Benjamin Wu’s Drone and Camera can lead you savour the wonderful things of Taiwan.

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This is a short film that created by Taiwanese photographer, Benjamin Wu and his friend, David Peng. The film is made to record their exploration of Taiwan in 2018. They personally experienced every places of Taiwan with their own hands and feet. And then through their photography to convey their love of Taiwan’s beauty.

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” I mean, the way I see out Taiwan is kinda ironic. Like, considering that Taiwan is one of the most condensed populated country in the world, but, no one really actually know about it. It’s unbelievable.” During the journey, they experienced how spectacular that Taoyuan Valley is, how vase is the ocean besides Hualien county and how enthusiastic Kaohsiung people are. 

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“The thing about Taiwan is that, if you actually get out there and take a look around, you’ll start to realize that there are so many places you wouldn’t ever believe it existed in Taiwan. It’s actually incredible.” This journey has so far exceeded their original expectations. Thence, they want to promote their lovely homeland,Taiwan, beyond their camera.

Resource: [email protected]_wuster

What they want to show in these beautiful shots and their films not only the beauty how Taiwan is but how proud they are being a Taiwanese. For friends from all over the world, this film can help you learn more about Taiwan, this incredible island. For Taiwanese, this film is made to remind us always treasure what we receive from our homeland.

Resource: [email protected]_wuster

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Thanks to Benjamin Wu for the photos and film sharing.

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