TAIPEI|Songshan Culture & Creative Park:One of Taipei’s Largest Creative Arts Spaces

Updated 2019-01-09

Songshan Culture & Creative Park is one of Taipei’s largest creative arts spaces. his location has transformed through history since 1937 as the “Taiwan Sōtokufu Tobacco Monopoly Bureau” during the Japanese colonial time, and after restoration, it was taken over by the Taiwan Monopoly Bureau and renamed the “Taiwanese Provincial Tobacco and Alcohol Monopoly Bureau Songshan Plant”. Its architectural style belongs to the genre of “Japanese Early Modernism”, with emphasis placed on horizontal lines, simple classic shapes, and refined workmanship. The buildings were considered to be an exceptional model for industrial plants in that era. 

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Resource: Songshan Culture & Creative Park

Resource: Songshan Culture & Creative Park

Set in a former tobacco factory (or more accurately an industrial village) from the 1930s, this lovely park is part lush gardens, part frog-filled lake, part industrial chic, part workshop and part design studio in 2011 by the Taipei City government. 

Resource: Songshan Culture & Creative Park

The place is dotted with pop-up creative shops, cafes and galleries. The long blue-painted corridors of the factory have a wonderful, institutional throwback feel. Most exhibition halls and shops are located within the old tobacco factory, at the center of which is a large, beautiful Baroque Garden where guests can stroll or relax. Outside the factory is a large pond which has been modernized to become an Ecology Pond, where visitors can experience wildlife and learn about local species native to northern Taiwan.

Resource: Songshan Culture & Creative Park ▲Beautiful Baroque Garden

While most of the cafes and galleries close before 6pm, the outdoor areas of the park and the eslite spectrum shopping centre are open until 10pm.

Travel Info
Songshan Culture & Creative Park
[松山文創園區/Sōngshān wén chuàng yuánqū]
-Located in:
Northern Taiwan
Historical Site, Cultural & Creative Park, Exhibitions
-Highly recommend to: 
History Buffs, Artists, Hipsters, Couples, Families
-Opening Hours: 09:00-18:00(Indoor Area)/08:00-22:00(Outdoor Area)
-Contact: +886-2-27651388
-Website: Songshan Culture & Creative Park
-Address: No.133, Guangfu South Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan
▸Park Entrances

  1. Enter from Lane 553, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road, via entrances 1~3. The Park’s eco-pond and entrance sign are visible upon entering from the lane of the previous location of the United Daily News and passing by the Criminal Investigation Bureau.
  2. Enter from Yanchang Road, via entrances 4~5. At the intersection of Civic Boulevard and Guangfu South Road, from Civic Boulevard get off at the Guangfu South Road ramp and drive from the west side toward the east into Yanchang Road.


  1. Take the Banqiao Line (Blue) to the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall Station, and take Exit 5 and walk for about 550m to Yanchang Road (the intersection of Civic Boulevard and Guangfu South Road). 
  2. Take the Banqiao Line (Blue) to the Taipei City Hall Station, and take Exit 1 (with stairs) or Exit 2 (with escalators) and walk for about 400m to Lane 553, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road.


  1. Zhongxiao East Road【United Daily News Stop】212, 212(Direct), 232, 232(Sub), 240(Inc. Express Bus), 263, 270, 299, 919, 1800, 1815, 5500
  2. Zhongxiao New Main Line Guangfu South Road【Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall Stop】204, 254, 266, 266(shuttle route), 282, 288, 288(shuttle route)

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Info quoted from Songshan Culture & Creative Park
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