YILAN|Bong Bong Train(蹦蹦車) :An Unique Recreation Experience in Taipingshan(太平山)

Taipingshan used to be a forest farm and the indispensable equipment, such as cableway, cabin, forest railway and steam-skidder etc., are still well preserved. Among them, Bong Bong Train(蹦蹦車) played an important role in transporting timber between different locations in the early days. One of the most popular tourist attractions of ecotourism in Taipingshan, the Maosing Line was restored in 1985 and re-operated in 1991. The Bong Bong train station is on the left side of central stairway at Taipingshan Villa. The Maosing Line is 3 km long and it takes 20 minutes to arrive at the terminal- Maosing Station. At Maosing Station, you will also find a self-guided forest trail, a native ferns garden and Maosing National Forest Trail. 

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There are two sayings about the name of the Bong Bong train, one was saying that the track of the material and the rails were formed by segmentation in the past. Because the roadbed was uneven, as the trains passed through the rails, making the sound “bong bong” and they were named. Another said that the chimney of the diesel engine car smoked, and the smoke cover closed up and down, making a buzzing sound.

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As the orange-yellow colored Bong Bong train moving slowly along the slope and heading to Maosing Station, it will make the peculiar sound of“Bong Bong”resonating in the valley, which is the reason why people give the name to it. On the Bong Bong train, you can find various wild flowers, like Gleichenia japonica, Unigemmate China Fern and Common Foxglove, swung in the wind on your right and a broad view of mountains on your left. Both in good weather and in foggy days, the views you see from the Bong Bong Train are like picturesque paintings.

Resource: Wikipedia

Resource: Wikipedia

Bong Bong train created the modern sightseeing trolley culture in Taiwan, and also retained the culture of forestry production machinery in the past. There is no window isolation in the trolley of the open-car compartment of the Bong Bong train. During the ride, visitors can walk through the woods and iron bridges, breathe freely and enjoy the breath of nature. It is the most unique recreation experience in Taipingshan.

Travel Info
Bong Bong Train
[蹦蹦車/Bèng bèng chē
-Located in:
Northern Taiwan
Historic Site, Scenic Spots, Train
-Highly recommend to: 
Hipsters, Historic buffs, Families, Photographers
-Opening Hours: Weekdays 06:00-20:00/ Weekends 04:00-20:00
-Contact: +886-3-9809806
No.58, Taiping Lane, Datong Township, Yilan County, Taiwan
-Tickets: Adult Ticket(13-65 years of age) NT$180/ Discount Ticket(3-12 years of age and 65 years old or above) NT$120

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