NANTOU|National Taiwan Craft Culture Park:Taiwanese Designed Products Showcase

Located in Nantou, Taiwan Craft Culture Park has three branches, Taipei, Miaoli and Yingge. Among these institutes, Yingge branch is the only one that doesn’t open to the public. Taipei branch is a building with striking red-and-white. With its circular neoclassical Chinese-style roof, dates back to just 1956. It was recently converted into the Craft Research & Development Centre where the first two floors showcase Taiwanese designed and made gift products – everything from stationery to silverware – while the top floors are reserved for art, architecture and craft exhibitions and a rooftop organic food court. There are fantastic views from the roof, where you can also get up close to the fantastical glazed roof tiles.

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Resource: National Taiwan Craft Research & Development Institute

There are 5 areas in National Taiwan Craft Research & Development Institute. The Culture Center regularly organizes the exhibition of contemporary craft culture and art theme, including Taiwan’s diverse craft culture, contemporary craft innovation, and craft industry development, etc., to provide the public with awareness, appreciation of the craft culture. The Design Center dedicate to show the respect to nature. The Information Center combines local craftsmanship and cultural characteristics to provide the public a space for all-round enjoyment and craftsmanship.

Resource: National Taiwan Craft Research & Development Institute

As for Living Crafts Center, there are featured restaurants, craft creation experience workshops and exhibitions. Incorporating process knowledge and skills into the activities and displays in the museum is the best place to experience craftsmanship and bring a wonderful life experience. Local Crafts Center is used to promote local crafts skills. The creative achievements of the craft group are published here for public to visit.

Resource: National Taiwan Craft Research & Development Institute

There are crafts markets set on weekends. If you are craftsman, mark the market on your travel note! Maybe you will get more than your imagination.

Travel Info
National Taiwan Craft Culture Park
[國立台灣工藝文化園區/Guólì táiwān gōngyì 
Wénhuà yuánqū]
-Located in:
Central Taiwan
Historical Site, Museum, Crafts
-Highly recommend to: 
History Buffs, Hipsters, Craftsman, Families
-Opening Hours: 09:00-17:00 (Closed on Mondays.)
-Contact: +886-49-2334141
No. 573, Zhongzheng Rd., Caotun Town, Nantou County, Taiwan

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