The Easiest Hiking Trip in TAIWAN:Mountain Hehuan Main Peak(合歡主峰) & Mountain Shimen(石門山)

If you’ve ever been to Taiwan for hiking, you must heard that there is a list of ” 100 mountains in Taiwan”. For hikers and climbers, this list can be seen as their life goal. The mountains are divided into different levels of challenge. Among these mountains, there are 2 mountains suitable for those who never hike before, Mountain Hehuan Main Peak(合歡主峰) & Mountain Shimen(石門山). Not only for beginners, Mt. Hehuan Main Peak(合歡主峰) & Mt. Shimen(石門山) are suitable for any age. You don’t need to prepare heavy and professional gears when climbing these 2 mountains, they can be seen as the easiest hiking trip in Taiwan. Just bring up your good mood and enjoy your hiking trip.

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#Mountain Shimen (石門山)


Mountain Shimen is the most easy hiking trail among the peaks of Mt. Hehuan. At an altitude of 3,237 meters, there are currently plank roads and stone steps laid. From the entrance, it only takes you 30 minutes to reach the top. It’s really suitable for beginners. The reason that Shimen mountain attracts visitors due to the 360 degree of view. Some photographers will visit here for the galaxy.

#Mountain Hehuan Main Peak(合歡主峰)

Resource: Taroko National Park

Mt. Hehuan main peak resides on the west boundary of Taroko National Park. It serves as a watershed for Liwu River and Zhuoshui River. From the peak, hikers can see the meandering course of each river. Though it’s called as the main peak of Mt. Hehuan, it’s not the highest or the most difficult one for climbing. It’s chosen as the main peak for its amazing view and scenery. You can easily get all the view of all mountains when reaching the top. Most of the trail of the main peak is laid by concrete and it’s mild. Visitors can climb the mountain just like take a short walk. The viewing platform along the trail is the best place for shooting. It’s also a great spot to watch the sun rising out of Liwu River’s mouth or sinking slowly behind distant peaks.

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