KAOHSIUNG|Former Japanese Navy Fongshan Radio Station(Mingde Discipline Center):The Mysterious National Relic

Updated 2018-12-20

This mysterious national relic in Fengshan was a Japanese naval radio station that later became an interrogation facility under the Republic of China, and then a disciplinary camp during the White Terror.

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The former Imperial Japanese Navy’s Fongshan Radio Station, located in the Fongshan District of Kaohsiung City, and built in 1919, was the first radio station that the Japanese Navy built in Taiwan. Despite its military nature, channels were dedicated to civilian communication as official and civilian communication between Taiwan and Japan disconnected all the channels.

Resource: Bureau of Cultural Affairs Kaohsiung City Government

The radio stations at Fongshan and Sankuaicuo were consolidated into the Kaohsiung Communication Unit in 1937. When the second Sino-Japanese war broke out in the same year, the Kaohsiung Communication Unit, under the command of the 11th Fleet, was charged with maintaining the Empire’s south-west Pacific communication, tactical radio jamming, and monitoring American and British movements on the sea and in the air.

Resource: Bureau of Cultural Affairs Kaohsiung City Government

After the war, the ROC Navy took over the Fongshan Radio Station and converted it into a Navy boarding house. In 1949, the navy warship, Chongcing, defected. The officers and sailors involved were detained and interrogated at the Navy boarding house before they were transferred to other units. During the next decade, the boarding house was used by the Navy as an interrogation facility for servicemen accused of political actions. In 1976 this place became the Navy’s Mingde Disciplinary Camp, where the persistently disobedient servicemen were imprisoned. When the camp was decommissioned it was turned into the Kaohsiung Military Dependents’ Village Cultural Association. (Content Resource: Bureau of Cultural Affairs Kaohsiung City Government)


The grassy complex full of mango trees has nine sites of interest, including a cross-shaped communication facility with steel vault doors and the original telegraph equipment, unnerving solitary confinement blockhouses, a fort with blast-resistant windows and a cavernous interior that used to house cages for disobedient servicemen. Just outside the gates of the complex is a huge and colourful market selling all kinds of fresh and cooked produce.

Travel Info
Former Japanese Navy Fongshan Radio Station
(Mingde Discipline Center)
[海軍明德訓練班(鳳山無線電信所)/Hǎijūn míng dé xùnliàn bān
(fèng shān wúxiàn diànxìn suǒ)
-Located in:
Southern Taiwan
Historical Site
-Highly recommend to: 
History Buffs, Families
-Opening Hours: 09:00-17:00 (Closed on Mondays, Chinese New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year’s Day)
-Contact: +886-7-2225136
Shengli Rd., Fongshan Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

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