Tips You Should Know When Travel to Mountain Hehuan(合歡山)

As people know, Taiwan is surrounding by ocean and mountains. There are many famous mountains in Taiwan. Not only Taiwanese but also friends all over the world come to Taiwan just for visiting these astonishing mountains and their beautiful alpine scenery. There is a list of “100 mountains in Taiwan”. For hikers and climbers, this list can be seen as their life goal. Though climbing is not an easy challenge, among these 100 mountains, there is a mountain that suitable for beginners, Mountain Hehuan. Here are some tips and introduction of Mt. Hehuan! Give yourself a chance to challenge yourself and enjoy the surprising journey with amazing scenery.

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Introduction of Mt. Hehuan

Resource : Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan).

Located at the junction of Hualien County and Nantou County, the name of the mountain originated from the Japanese occupation period. In the early days, it was the communication base of the Ministry of National Defense. Today, it is the place where the telecommunications base station is placed. With the name of “Snow Mountain”, Mt. Hehuan is not the highest mountain in Taiwan but the mountain which snows easily in Taiwan. When winter comes, visitors come here for skiing. Fir forest and niitakayamensis grassland are representative of the landscape of Mt. Hehuan. In addition, alpine flowers are also an important ecological feature of Mt. Hehuan. The beautiful flowers view is one of the must-see sights for tourists to Mt. Hehuan.

Resource : Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan).

The seven peaks around Mt. Hehuan are called the Hehuan peaks. Although the heights of the Hehuan peaks are more than 3,000 meters, except for the Hehuan west peak, the rest of the mountains are suitable for beginners! Because of the convenient transportation to the hiking trail of Mt. Hehuan, and the establishment of a number of viewing platforms on the Hehuan Mountain, there are also many people who visit Mt. Hehuan during the flower season.

You can visit Mt. Hehuan in all season. Just don’t forget to check the weather forecast before you start your travel, especially in summer and autumn because there are sometimes typhoons come. 

Peaks of Mt. Hehuan

Each hiking route of Mt. Hehuan is unique. Here are some introductions of these peaks. (Starts from the simplest)

#Shimen Mountain(石門山)


Shimen Mountain is the most easy hiking trail among the peaks of Mt. Hehuan. At an altitude of 3,237 meters, there are currently plank roads and stone steps laid. From the entrance, it only takes you 30 minutes to reach the top. It’s really suitable for beginners. The reason that Shimen mountain attracts visitors due to the 360 degree of view. Some photographers will visit here for the galaxy.

#Mt. Hehuan Main Peak(合歡主峰)

Resource: Taroko National Park

Though it’s called as the main peak of Mt. Hehuan, it’s not the highest or the most difficult one for climbing. It’s chosen as the main peak for its amazing view and scenery. You can easily get all the view of all mountains when reaching the top. Most of the trail of the main peak is laid by concrete and it’s mild. Visitors can climb the mountain just like take a short walk. The viewing platform along the trail is the best place for shooting.

#Mt. Hehuan East Peak(合歡東峰)

Resource: Taroko National Park

The hiking gate of Mt. Hehuan can also lead you to the Mt. Cilai. Though the east peak is seen as the second high of all Mt. Hehuan, the slope of its wooden walkway is quite gentle. It’s suitable for all ages. Due to the diverse landscape, visitors like to visit the east peak of Mt. Hehuan in all season.  

#Mt. Hehuan North Peak(合歡北峰)

Resource: Taroko National Park

At an altitude of 3,422 meters, the north peak is the highest peak of Mt. Hehuan. It’s also seen as the most worthwhile challenge to reach the summit. The trail is quite steep so be careful when hiking. It’s the best place to watch the Rhododendron in May and June. In the afternoon, the mountains are prone to thick fog, mountaineers might easily get lost on the summit, so it’s nice to visit the north peak in the morning.

#Cilai Trail(小奇萊步道)

Resource: Taroko National Park

The mountain gate of Cilia trail is behind the ski resort of Mt. Hehuan. The front section of the trail is smooth, but if you want to visit Mountain Cilia, you need sufficient equipment and enough training before starting climbing. The most famous part of Cilai trail is the Yushania niitakayamensis grassland. Take some time to enjoy the gorgeous mountain view.

Tips before climbing Mt. Hehuan

You must apply for a mountain entry permit 5-30 days before climbing and present good conditioning. Don’t forget to bring the entry permit if you want to enter the mountain. Shimen Mountain is the only one you don’t need to apply for entry permit.

▸The altitude of Mt. Hehuan are mostly above the peak of 3000 meters. During the climbing process, please pay attention to the physical condition such as: mountain disease.
▸Carry a raincoat because the climate in the mountains is elusive.
▸Bring enough water and food. Also bring some clothing which are waterproof, breathable and sun-protected.
▸To avoid poisonous snakes and mosquitoes, please bring first aid medicines.
▸Most of the places are forbidden for camping. If you want to camp in the mountain, please check the website:

Climbing is a good experience when traveling to a foreign country, but do make sure to PRESENT GOOD CONDITIONING and DON’T LEAVE THE GARBAGE IN THE MOUNTAINS, so that you can enjoy an unforgettable journey in the mountains.

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