TOP 5 Easy-to-go Sea/Lake View Hiking Trails of TAIWAN

Hiking is a popular pastime in Taiwan. There are several hiking trails in Taiwan, some of them are really difficult to challenge while some of them are easy to go. Exercise, beautiful views, a getaway from city dust and dirt – no matter what the reason an increasing number of people choose to go forest hiking. With the amazing sea/lake view, there are 5 easy-to-go sea/lake view hiking trails of Taiwan we want to recommend you. Enjoy your next holiday!

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Alanyi historic Trail(阿朗壹古道)


Alanyi historic Trail in Kenting has one of the two of the beautiful natural coastline of Taiwan, and the undeveloped original coastline reveals the unique features of the Alanyi historic trail. However, if you want to explore the Alanyi historic trail, you must remember to wear shoes suitable for mountaineering, because there is a steep and winding road section on the trail that you need to walk carefully! If you want visit Alanyi historic trail, you must apply for a mountain pass 8 to 30 days before departure to the Xuhai-Guanyin Natural Reservation. The trail is restricted to 300 people per day and you need to be accompanied by a commentator.

Teapot Mountain(無耳茶壺山)


There is a mountain with breathtaking view in Jinguashi near Jiufen. Teatop Mountain has a cute name due to its image. It’s a popular trail on the North East Coast of the country that has some of the best landscapes in northern Taiwan. The hike is neither long nor difficult, hikers can easily reach the astonishing scenery. There is also a difficult part of the trail, so be careful if you want to give a try. People who have once reached the top said that the beautiful scenery made them feel like they are in a heaven where is filled with wonderful paintings. After reaching the end of the trail, many hikers choose to continue along to the next peak at Banpingshan(半平山).

Taoyuan Valley Trail(桃源谷步道)


Near Toucheng and Dasi, with its gorgeous scenery and access marked on many tour guidebooks, Taoyuan Valley Trail has become a must-see scenic spot in northern Taiwan. It features a meadow that stretches three kilometers along the 30-degree slope and finally leads to a hilltop that’s 554.7 meters above the sea level. The meadow is so lush and soft that it feels like a grass blanket woven by the nature. Vast fields of silvergrass remind visitors of the wavy seas below. Such is the refreshing idyllic scenery provided by the valley.

Bitou Cape Hiking Trail(鼻頭角登山步道)


 The Bitou Cape Hiking Trail is located on a steep hill. Because its surrounding rocks are severely weathered and full of cracks, rockfalls are likely to take place soon. You must be very careful when hiking here. The Bitou Cape Hiking Trail consists of two sub-paths, one leading to a lighthouse and the other a valley. The trail is 3.5km long and it takes 2 to 3 hours to complete a round trip. Hike and learn about all kinds of rock formations resulting from sea erosion over the last hundreds and thousands of years.

Cuifeng Lake Circle Trail(翠峰湖環湖步道)


Located between Taiping Mountain and Dayuan Mountain in Yilan County, Cuifeng Lake Circle Trail is the largest mountain lake in Taiwan. Cuifeng Lake Circle Trail follows the track of the former material track, leading visitors to enjoy the lake view of Cuifeng Lake from a closer distance. With the total length of 3.95 kilometers, most of the trails are rarely active. People seldom visit here that’s why the original appearance of the lake and forest can still be protected well. If you want to visit this idyllic lake, you need to apply for a mountain pass.

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