The Bikeway Cuts Through the Taichung City:Hanxi Riverside Bikeway

The bikeway runs along Hanxi East Road. As it passes through several intersections, there are bike designated traffic lights along the bikeway. The first half section of the bikeway runs under bridge. Public facilities along the way include resting seats, bike racks, guiding signs, guard fence, milestone signs, rest area, reflective signs, street lights and bike designated traffic lights. Plantings include giant crepe myrtle, Taiwanese rain tree, Madagascar almond, common lantana and common jasmine orange. Flood season is between the beginning of May and the end of November. The bikeway might be closed if the trail is damp and slippery. There are some popular spots along the bikeway. Hope you enjoy your biking trip.

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Lecheng Temple

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Lecheng Temple is a prestigious Hanxi Mazu temple built during the rule of Qianlong Emperor of the Qing Dynasty. The 200-year-old temple is a municipal historic site designated by the city government. The rich history can be deduced from the sophisticated details of the architecture and interior decor. Lecheng Temple has many pious followers. The temple often hosts blessing ceremonies. The main deity of the temple is Yue Lao, the god of marriage. There is a wall full of wedding invitations in the Hall of Yue Lao, all of which are proof of Yue Lao’s efficacious charm. People come to pray for good marriage, relationship and popularity. 

Xintian Hiking Trail

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With a total length of 2 kilometers, Xintian hiking trail is a trail with 1063-step wooden stack ladders. In addition to several gazebos, there is also a special eagle platform that can overlook the Fengyuan area. It only takes about 20 minutes to reach the top. Along the trail, there are variety kinds of trees, acacia, bamboo, and other broad-leaved forest species. There are also butterflies here. You can enjoy the releasable atmosphere and get rid of your worries here.

Dakeng Scenic Bridges

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There are four scenic bridges along Siangshun East Road— New Taohuayuan Bridge, Romantic Lovers Bridge, Qingxin Bridge and Blue Sky & White Cloud Bridge. Each bridge features a distinctive design, attracting visitors to take photos, leisurely walk in daylight or after dark when there is less traffic. A relaxing bike ride at night with company is highly recommended as well. You can embrace a sense of serenity by the river while enjoying the gorgeous night view of the scenic bridges.
The minimalist-style New Taohuayuan Bridge features a special structure with two white half rings. The pink Lovers Bridge seems even more romantic at night. The structure of the Blue Sky & White Cloud Bridge gives a classical and elegant feel. Nicknamed butterfly bridge, Qingxin Bridge is a popular instagram check-in spot for night view photography.

Dakeng Scenic Area

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Dakeng scenic area can be seen as Taichung’s backyard. Having natural ecology, hot spring bathing and convenient transportation, it has been selected as one of the top ten popular tourist attractions in Taichung. There are currently 12 hiking trails in Dakeng Scenic Area, with a total length of 15.6 kilometers. With different levels of difficulty, these 12 hiking trails are the places where the citizens exercise their bodies and travel on holidays. There are pavilions along the trails, which are ascending and overlooking. Dakeng was once the earliest tobacco production area in Taiwan. Although the tobacco industry has now declined, there are still one or two smoke houses in the area for people to cherish.

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