How Romantic!2018 Taoyuan Flower Festival is Coming!

2018 Taoyuan Flower Festival is going to be held from November 25th to December 23rd. This is the fourth time that Taoyuan Flower Festival has been held. There are 7 exhibition areas of Taoyuan Flower Festival, Daxi, Yangmei, Zhongli, Longtan, Pingzhen, Luzhu and Fuxing. The overall theme of the festival this year is ” LOVE” and the 7 areas are meant to be the 7 parts of the way that lovers get along with each other, meeting, missing, understanding, loving each other, treasuring, falling in love and togetherness.

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Tourists can learn different stories from the flowers. To understand the meaning of the stories, and to learn more about the land, there are more than 40 travel activities held. DIY activities are also held for tourists to experience.

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If you’ve ever visited Taoyuan in December, you will find that Taoyuan is decorated by millions of flowers. There are variety kinds of flowers in the festival. The most famous flower might be the sunflower, cosmos and zinnia. 

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The 2018 Taoyuan Flower Festival will start from Daxi area and is held on November 25th. It will last for a week. After Daxi, the activities will continue ongoing in Yangmei, Longtan, Pingzhen, and Luzhu. There are different features and activities in different areas for visitors to experience how farmers work in their daily lives. In Zhongli, there is a romantic windmill tunnel. The finale is Fuxing area. Hundreds of single men and women are invited to start their relationship in the lavender fields. Can you imaging how romantic it will be? 

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2018 Taoyuan Flower Festival
-Period: 2018/11/25-12/23
-Web2018 Taoyuan Flower Festival

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