TAOYUAN|Things You Should TRY in the Christmas Market in Gloria Outlet

There are several outlets in Taiwan. When Christmas comes, each outlet will put on some decorations for celebration. Among these outlets, Gloria Outlet is the most famous outlet for Christmas decorations. With the interestin Christmas market, huge red Christmas tree and some cute installation arts, Gloriday(The Christmas activity of Gloria Outlet) is one of the must-see destinations for Christmas.

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Resource : Gloriday

Gloriday was started on November 13th this year. There are 2 highlights. The giant 18-meter-tall red Christmas tree which you can across inside and the interesting Christmas market. There are a total of 26  stores in the market, selling all kinds of exotic foods and some interesting items, so that everyone can enjoy their time here.

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Things You Should Try

樹年號麻油雞米糕 (Shù nián hào máyóu jī mǐ gāo)

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You can easily find this store because there is a bicycle in front of the store and the style of this store is kind of old-school. If you want to try some local dishes of Taiwan, then I recommend you this store. There are two main items, sesame chicken rice cake and meat bun. It’s good to try some sesame chicken dishes when winter comes, because the dishes will make you warm. I really like the meat bun! It is big and full of meat inside but it’s not greasy. Really tasty!

小丑烤馬鈴薯 (Xiǎo chǒu kǎo mǎ líng shǔ)

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It’s a store for potato dishes. The dish is about the baked potato with lots of ingredients such as smoked chicken, broccoli, carrots, corns and hams. After putting all the ingredients, the vendor then pour the pumpkin cream sauce which make the dish more tasty. If you like cheese, you can ask for cheeses. I really like this dish because I like CHEESE! I just couldn’t stop eating when I got it.

辛殿韓國年糕/炸雞 (Xīn diàn hán guó nián gāo/zhá jī)

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This is a Korean store while the boss is actually a Japanese not Korean. Sounds interesting, right? I won’t suggest you to try this if you can’t accept any spicy dishes. Because except for the fried chicken, finger ricecakes(Tteokbokki) is cooked in spicy sauce. And the spicy sauce did really spicy that you might need a bottle of water! Though they’re spicy, there are really tasty, so you can still give them a try.

品香世家 (Pǐn xiāng shì jiā)

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This is a famous braised tofu store in Taoyuan. What they sold are appetizer. This is another local dishes you should try here. It’s really good to have one of this in a cold day.

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