The Beautiful Scenery in Winter:Deciduous Cypress(落羽松) in TAIWAN

Deciduous cypress is kind of Taxodiaceae and it’s quite famous in recent years in Taiwan due to the changes of its color. As the winter comes, the cypress will turn into red and orange. It seemed that the land was put on a flame cloak. If there is a cypress forest in front you, you might doubt that you fall into a mysterious paradise. I’ve once been to a cypress forest, the view I saw was really amazing. I always believe that beautiful things are meant to be shared. There are some nice places to watch deciduous cypress.

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Taoyuan Bade

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This is the cypress forest I’ve been to. Due to the remote location, the forest has not been greatly damaged. The forest is not quite big, but it’s for free.
-Address:No. 560, Ln. 558, Shiyuan Rd., Daxi Dist., Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Hsinchu Beipu

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The special place of cypress here is that the reflection of the lake is amazing. The environment is fresh and quiet, and the scenery is bleak and beautiful. It only takes 10 minutes walk along the trail. Remind everyone that this is a private land, pay attention to etiquette and don’t throw away the garbage.

Yunlin Huwei

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Can you imaging how romantic that you sit on a rock by the lake with cypress surrounded, and the color of the cypress are all red? The atmosphere might be ease and comfortable. 

Taichung Tai’an Elementary School

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There is a cypress forest near Taian elementary school. I bet the children here is quite happy because they can study in such a romantic atmosphere. 

Yilan Lipi Lake

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By Lipi Lake in Yian, there are lots of deciduous cypress. With gorgeous mountain view and beautiful scenery of lake, I will recommend you to come here if you want to watch the cypress turning red. It might be really enjoyable strolling here after having a meal.

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