CHIAYI|The Wonderland in the Mountains : Toe’uana(都恩亞納), Gassho-zukuri of Taiwan

Updated 2018-11-19

There is a settlement looks like the tribe that you’ve seen in the fairy tale story. Beautiful and colorful walls with inclined top, there are 42 tiny chalets standing in the mountain. Like an isolated wonderland, the tribe is called Toe’uana, Gassho-zukuri of Taiwan.

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Many years ago, the typhoon Morakot hit Taiwan, causing many heavy losses in Taiwan. Among them, the Tsou Laiji tribe in Alishan Township, Chiayi County experienced a terrible wrath, so 88 residents of Laiji tribe moved to the Alishan 152 forest compartment. This is the site of the early ancestors of the Tsou which is called ” the last pure land that the ancestors left”. And the reconstructed new tribe was named Toe’uana, means a piece of land that is far from the river bed and it’s safe. After that, the government assisted in the construction of 42 sleek permanent houses.


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Toe’uana is surrounded by endless forests. On the way to visit Toe’uana, you can enjoy the view of dense bamboo forest and cedar forest. It is so clean and comfortable. Walking into Toe’uana, the stone monument at the intersection tells the story of the tribe. After the complete reconstruction by the government, the tribe is well-planned.


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It’s quite a nice place to stay for a night. You can know about the stories of the tribe while having an aboriginal-style meal. Don’t forget to bring back the garbage you’ve made! Toe’uana is a paradise which should always be clean and comfortable.


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Travel Info
[都恩亞納/Dōu ēn yà nà
-Located in: 
Southern Taiwan
Historical Site, Scenic Spot
-Highly recommend to: 
Outdoors Enthusiasts, History Enthusiasts, Families
-Opening Hours:06:00-18:00
-Contact: +886-0905-783121
No. 213, Toe’uana, 6 Ln., Cross Village, Alishan Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan

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