2018 Christmas is Coming!TOP 4 Xmas Activities in TAIWAN!

Since November arrived, Christmas is no longer coming. Every places in every countries are well-prepared for this grand event, so did Taiwan. You can see giant Christmas trees and colorful decorations or installation arts every where. There are some events held for Christmas in Taiwan. Hope you enjoy your festival!

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CHRISTMASLAND in New Taipei City

Resource : IG@newtaipeitour

Chrsitmasland in New Taipei City has been seen as one of the the most well-known winter festival in Taiwan. The event will kick off on Friday, November 16 this year with the overall theme of space and planets, and will be entertaining the public until January 1st, 2019. It will light up the city and amaze the world for 47 days! There are many must-see attractions these year: the four light zones and four overpasses decorated with rose gold, pink, blue, and silver white lights, the first-ever giant ball-like LED art installation, The Fascinating Planet, and the first-ever exhibition of The Pool, an interactive art installation from New York. There is also a Planet Container Market! Come and enjoy 47 days of fun at the Christmasland festival.

Resource : IG@cindy_xu3ejo3, cary0316, wendy_86413, evjtion

GLORIDAY in Taouyuan

Resource : FB@Gloria Outlets

Gloria outlets has set in Taoyuan since 2016. Since last year, this outlet had successfully held a great Christmas event which did attract visitors come. The lively Christmas market, the huge red Christmas tree and variety colorful installation arts make Gloria outlets one of the must-see destinations for Christmas in Taiwan. This year, they’ve tried something different! The huge 18 meters Christmas not only set for shooting photos, visitors can pass through the tree to look around inside! Sounds interesting, right? The event will kick off on Tuesday, November 13 this year with worth-visiting open-air markets, and will be entertaining the public until January 1st, 2019.

Resource : FB@Gloria Outlets

Christmas in Pingtung

Resource : IG@imissrainbow

Since Christmas is coming, Pingtung also makes preparations for Christmas. With the overall theme of pink, every Christmas decoration in Pingtung park is pink! There are 3 pink reindeer around the trees. Unlike Christmas tree in other places, the Christmas tree in Pingtung Park is made of gifts and presents! How amazing! There is also a fantastic and fantasy pink carousel. It seems that you might have a romantic Christmas if you travel to Pingtung in Christmas. In order to coordinate Taiwan Lantern Festival in 2019, these cute decorations will be set until March 3rd.

Resource : IG@dwt.y7

I-Sharing in Taipei & Kaohsiung

Resource : FB@Dream Mall

“I-Sharing” event is the Christmas events that held by Uni-President each year. They will select a city for overall theme so that people in Taiwan can experience the different Christmas atmospheres. The overall theme of city this year would be Milan, the most romantic art city in Italy. The beautiful Christmas tree, Purple Wish, is designed based on the famous glass window of Milan. The lighting event will be held on Friday, November 16 at 18:30 at the Taipei Uni-President Department Store and Dream Mall in Kaohsiung.

Resource : FB@Dream Mall

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