HSINCHU|Try to Make Your Own Lei Cha(擂茶):Beipu Old Street(北埔老街)

Hsinchu is famous for its Hakka culture. To learn a culture well, we must make a experience of their living. There are two places I will recommend you to visit in Hsinchu. Today, we are going to talk about Beipu Old Street, a street where is historical and full of a reminiscent atmosphere.

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Beipu Old Street was Beipu’s most thriving commercial district in the Qing period. Today, it boasts Taiwan’s highest concentration of historic sites , with seven such locations along a short 200-meter stretch. Grade one historic sites Jinguangfu House, the Chiang family’s Tianshui Hall, and the former residence of Chiang A-hsin are located here, along with grade three historic site Citian Temple.

This is also a good place for a taste of Hakka cuisine, from ground tea to persimmon cakes. The street has stayed true to its down-to-earth spirit, with not a single large chain store to be seen. Hakka is also famous for Pounded Tea, Lei-cha(客家擂茶). Lai cha was meant to taste a bit salty. One first has to put the ingredients into a specially-made mortar, then grounds the ingredients into powder by a pestle. Hot water should be added constantly during the process to make the pulverized tea. -cha can be directly directly, or can be put into rice and eaten with vegetables or dried radish. Lai cha is meant to derive pleasure through a DIY experience. Come with your friends and make your own Lai cha if you visit Beipu.

Travel Info
Beipu Old Street
[北埔老街/Běi bù lǎo jiē
-Located in:
Northern Taiwan
Historic Landscapes, Hakka Culture
-Highly recommend to: 
Outdoors Enthusiasts、History Enthusiasts
-Contact: +886-836-56534
Beipu Township, Hsinchu County, Taiwan

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