English Friendly Eating in Tainan!士久扁食Shih Chiu Wontons

This shrimp wanton restaurant is in the north of the city, out near the DaQiao Railway Station. It’s called Shih Chiu Wontons(士久扁食).

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Specialising in a slightly different wanton, Shih Chiu look to keep it simple, whilst packing flavour.

Resource : Ash

They also manage to provide a good selection of food they can quickly braise for you in their house stock, which goes well with their smoked chilli sauce.

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Even though it looks like a lot, there’s not a huge amount on the menu here at Shih Chiu. But, that’s not a bad thing.

Resource : Ash

Of course we ordered a mix of the braised food to accompany our noodles and wantons, and it was pretty good, too.

Resource : Ash

The wontons here at Shih Chiu are packed with meat, but with less of the wanton skin you may be used to in other dishes – bonus.

Resource : Ash

One thing that I particularly liked at Shih Chiu was the Kombu seaweed soup they use with the wonton soup. It has a real healthy feel to it, whilst also delivering on deep and rich flavours. They stick a spoonful of their house made meat sauce in there for good measure, too. The noodles are good, and the dumplings are good.

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Original Article: English Friendly Eating in Tainan

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