English Friendly Eating in Tainan!不刈樣刈包 Booking-Young

GuaBao, know it? If the answer to that is anything but an emphatic “Yes”, then you’re going wrong somewhere. Imagine a light, fluffy steamed bun, filled with slow-cooked pork, topped with pickled mustard greens, peanut sugar, and a sprinkling of coriander. There is a GauBao shop I would like to introduce to you, 不刈樣刈包 Booking-Young.

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Resource : Ash

Resource : Ash

Now, Booking-Young go for a slightly different approach to their GuaBao. They realise that a lot of shops offer the same flavour, and whilst it is delicious, they want to offer up some more flavours for the more adventurous looking for a different angle.

They have Japanese style flavours, Korean kimchi, and some interesting takes on Chinese and Taiwanese classics such as XO sauce, or three-cup chicken.

Resource : Ash

I tried out their specialty – Sha Cha Pork 沙茶醬炒豬肉, and also their Korean kimchi 泡菜豬. Both arrived with a perfectly fluffy bun, rammed full of ingredients, smelling great.

Resource : Ash

Whilst the Kimchi was great, the ShaCha pork was more suited to my taste. Salty, fishy, lightly spiced and frangrantly garlicy in flavour, ShaCha sauce can be used in anything from barbecue to stews.

Resource : Ash

I also had to try their brown sugar GuaBao with Taro paste 黑糖包配芋泥. Offered as a sweeter option, the taro is sweet, but pairs with the brown sugar really well. Great flavour combos!

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Original Article: English Friendly Eating in Tainan

Ash is the creator of Eatingintaipei. He works hard to combine English with Chinese on his blog, to try and help bridge the gap for people wanting to eat the best food that the island has to offer.

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