English Friendly Eating in Tainan!DOJA 小仁泉極品豆漿(臺南崇德店)

This may be a specialist chain soy milk shop, but they do much more than that. 

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Resource : Ash

Resource : Ash

Anything with 豆漿 in it, means soy milk. So, for the soy milk selection, we have: sesame (芝麻), adlay millet (薏仁), black bean soy milk (黑豆漿), almond (杏仁), and black tea (紅茶). But, it doesn’t stop there, this shop focuses on healthy drinks. So, we also have: roselle tea (洛神花茶), black wood ear longevity tea (養生黑木耳), or the beautifying white wood ear (冰釀銀耳露).

Resource : Ash

Here they are in all their splendour! So, I tried each one, all for you guys – you’re welcome.

Actually, they were all really good. I was surprised by the texture, firstly, of the soy milk. It was thick and gloopy – often words you don’t really want associated with milk, I get that. But, soy milk can quite often be watered down or just brimming with sugar, rendering it essentially unpalatable. This, on the contrary, was fresh and packed a natural flavour that hit the spot. From left to right we have: black tea with soy milk, black tea with milk, original soy milk, black bean soy milk, sesame soy milk, adlay millet soy milk, almond soy milk, white wood ear, roselle, black wood ear.

My personal favourite: Almond Soy Milk.

Why? It had such a fragrant almond flavour even upon opening the bottle. The deep flavours of almond came through straight away, giving way to the natural earthiness of the soy bean in its thick milk.

Resource : Ash

An avid fan of soy milk pudding 豆花, I had to give it a shot. The thing that sets Doja apart from places like YongHe Soy Milk King is that this soy milk pudding is light and smooth. Whereas others tend to be almost grainy with more of a bite to the pudding itself. This tastes healthier, and paired with the lightly sweetened red bean, or adlay millet, it’s a great shout.

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