7 Unmissable Festivals and Events of TAINAN

Tainan can be seen as the first city in Taiwan. Locals will tell you that if you want to learn the history of Taiwan, then come to Tainan! Tainan has a long history and there’s a word said “If you haven’t been to Tainan, you haven’t really visited Taiwan.” Tainan offers historic sites and old buildings, various carnival-like religious festivals traditional local culture, and wonderful international exhibition and competitions. Ancient capital Tainan has distinctive cultural characteristics, offering a wide variety of options for eating, drinking, playing and entertainment. There are 7 unmissable festivals and events of Tainan. You won’t be bored in Tainan. Are you ready to give them a try?

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Resource : Travel Tainan

At the end of the year, Tainan holds a trilogy of events to mark the occasion, namely Seeing Off the Last Sunset of the Year, New Year’s Eve Party and Welcoming the First Dawn of the New Year. The first event is Seeing Off the Last Sunset of the Year at Jingzaijiao; visitors flock here to see the last sunset of the year and are always enchanted by the ever-changing beautiful scenes as the fading sun shines on the snow-white salt fields. Next up is the star-studded New Year’s Eve Party where the atmosphere is electric. Last but not least is Welcoming the First Dawn of the New Year at Erliao in Zuozhen when visitors gather to witness the first rays of light of the New Year emerge from the lowest altitude cloud sea in Taiwan, welcoming the New Year in a different way amidst beautiful scenes.

Period|December 31-January 1
Location|Jingzaijiao Tile-Paved Salt Fields, Taiwan High Speed Rail Tainan Station, Zuozhen Erliao Sunrise-Viewing Platform.



Listed as one of the big three folk custom festivals in the world, Yanshui Beehive Firecrackers is one of Taiwan’s most important religious events. It is said that the event originated in the late 19th Century when the area was plighted by an epidemic that killed many people, leaving the locals living in fear. They prayed to the god Guan Shen Di Jun for help and were instructed to hold a parade on the evening of Lantern Festival with believers setting off firecrackers behind the deity palanquin to drive away the epidemic. They did as he instructed and the epidemic ceased; from that time, the Beehive Firecrackers became a religious festival in Yanshui. On the evening of Lantern Festival, the deity palanquin is paraded around Yanshui. As it passes shops and homes, a large number of firecrackers are lit and fly in every direction! The people believer that the firecrackers end ill fortune, resolve difficulties and bring good luck for the coming year.

Period|15th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar (Lantern Festival)
Location|Downtown Yanshui


Resource: 2018 yuejin lantern festival

Yuejin Harbor Lantern Festival is combined with local attractions and customs. Different to Chinese zodiac-themed traditional Lantern Festival events, this has a different theme every year. Yuejin Harbor Lantern Festival makes full use of the local waterfront scenery. After dark, the brilliant lights and installation art works form a stunning nighttime art museum that merges with the landscape. 

Location|Yuejin Harbor Park


Resource: Facebook of Ancient Capital International Marathon

Tainan International Marathon is held in February or March annually. Different to other marathons, Tainan’s is combined with the city’s ancient sites and snacks. It attracts a large number of runners from all across Taiwan and overseas  take part. Runners can run on a route that exudes an ancient feeling while enjoy the many charm of Taiwan’s former capital.

Location|Anping District


Resource: Taiwan International Orchid Show

Taiwan is renowned as the Orchid Kingdom, the various orchids grown in Taiwan are famed throughout the world. The highly-successful 8th Asia Pacific Orchid Conference (APOC) has been held since 2004, the venue Taiwan Orchid Plantation. At the Show, fine works carefully arranged by orchid growers, landscaping features from around the world and new orchid varieties can be seen. This Show is a real treat for orchid lovers and gardeners in general.

Location|Taiwan Orchid Plantation


Resource : Travel Tainan

Various styles of musical performance are laid on Tainan Summer Music Festival-Jiangjun Roar Concert every year. Everyone is invited to move freely with the rhythm of the music, sing as loud as you can and enjoy an unforgettable seaside music feast. The festival combines with seaside food and coastal attractions in Jiangjun, Beimen and Qigu etc to present local music-themed trips that allow people to enjoy music as well as the local sights.

Period|July or August
Location|Jiangjun Fishing Harbor


Resource : Guanziling

Resource : Guanziling

Guanziling Hot Spring is the world’s only mud hot spring. As the cool of autumn arrives, what could be better than enjoying a relaxing hot spring bath and then taking part in the food festival, feeling the skin care benefits of the mud hot spring and savoring distinctive good food; and, don’t forget to take part in the night parade for the hot spring protector god Acalanatha (Huo Wangye). During the Festival, activities such as Guanziling bathrobe wearing experience, weekend/holiday market and DIY activities are held; Barrel Broiled Chicken and Dongshan Coffee can also be enjoyed. Visitors can enjoy a relaxing soak in a hot spring pool to reinvigorate their tired body as well as take part in the bustling food festival!

Location|Guanziling Hot Spring

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